Hello Team Emily. How is everyone doing? My best wishes goes to all of you!

Sexuality week. I shall rate is as 7/10. I had a good week.It was one hell of a week. So many steamy stuffs happened!

So Robert walks in and gives us a warm welcome. Then he calls out our guest mentor! MARK SAILING!! And he reveals our theme for the week, Sexuality! First thought that came up to my mind, Sex? Wow! Its so gonna be a hard week. I mean, Come On! Half the people here are not even virgins! Hahaha! But they are awesome peoplw! I love the glee house

So, our homework assignment was Do you wanna Touch me! Mark is so open and loving. He was so nice to everyone. The Homework assignment went perfectly! There were some mishaps! But well, Im not that sexy so yeah..Mark said I was really working it. I was so thrilled. He is so handsome and good-hearted. I thanked him and gave him a cute smile.

Then to our music video. It means we have to showcase some Hot,Steamy,Sexy performance. My motto? Well, I should give the sexiest voice in the recording studio. Nikki was happy with me. I thanked her. She is so kind. Nikki is also so beautiful! I love her. Our music video was Im a slave for you by Britney! It was awesome! I am so proud of everyone! Everyone did their very best and it shows! Good Job guys!

Then,its tor reveal the bottom 3. I was hoping I did well. And I was hoping everyone did well. Robert announced that I was called back! My name was the sixth to call. Phew! What a relieve. I am so grateful to be given another chance! Thank you! But I also felt so bad for the three bottom. They were great people. I almost cried looking back at them. If only they werent eliminations!

At the end, it was Tyler who had to leave. I was sad to see him go. We were quite close. He's awesome! I cried so hard. I dont want to see anyone leave. Its so sad. I hugged him so hard and wished him well for his future. He is very talented. Sigh!

Next week is Vulnerability. I have gone through so many sour and bitter things in my life. My parents died, Step mom tortured,slapped me,and abused me and my step-dad raping me and making me pregnant. I am sure. I can do well! Lets hope!

Thank you guys for all your support! I love everyone one of you!