• Shirtless , Again*

So hello Team Gray! *waves* This Week's theme is Sexuality. *looks at his own body* Men This is Sexuality! *laughs* Everyone in the House is Freakin Sexy so it's a little Hard for me to Stand out.

So Robert Came in and said that our HWA is Do you wanna touch me! Oyeah , who wanna touch me huh? *laughs*

then HWA time! Robert came in and Described the Guest mentor. Man! i know its Mark He's so Sexy just like me! After the HWA i got a positive feedback. And Taylen won , okay She deserved cus She's Freakin Hot! *laughs* and She picked me as Her partner. I was a little Shocked *giggles* No no not really *laughs*

After we practiced a little for the Music video, i sat on the sofa and Taylen Joined and Kissed me .. WOW! its sooo DAMN HAWT! *sigh* but Lyla Saw us , Too bad I Like Lyla.

The Music Video itself Go run Smoothly for me and for some of the contenders.

But Unfortunately Tyler got Sent Home. I was having a good time with him , He's a Great friend. But OYEAH im Still Safe so See you next week Team Gray *waves* Bya!