• shirtless*

Hello Everyone *waves* And wassup Team Gray ,This Week theme was Individuality! Hmmm.. Meeting evryone in the house is Awesome. We have 7 SOOO BEAUTIFUL GIRLS there! *sigh* aaaaand i like them all , Oh uhm not all. Taylen is Pretty buuuuut i don't like her attitude And ive also met the Guys , They are all Cool! All of them! *smiles*

Then Robert came in , I really know that the first week's theme is Individuality *laughs* who doesnt know?? .. Then Robert told us that our HWA is Dont Stop beleiving .. *smiles* I really love that song!

And its Time for HWA'! I was really Excited to see who's the guest mentor ..... then Robert came and he described the mentor ... the next thing i knew is Lea Michelle is on our Front! She is Sooooo Freakin HAAAAWT'!

After the HWA i really wasn't expecting to be the homework winner cus Everyone gave their best ... then Brandonn won He really Deserved it . Then Lea said that We will be doin I love'rock'n'roll,I was really excited cus i mah Dad Loves that song.

Meeting Nikki , Zackand Erik is Just one of the Awesomess Experience of mah life *smiles* it's just the first week buuut they teached me alot.

And at the End of the week Jacob got sent home .. Too bad , He is so Nice. But thank GOD im still here *laughs*

Kaaay Evwyoooone Bye for now. *flying kiss*