This is the Behind-The-Scenes for the episode Theatricality.

Taylen was on her bed on her laptop. She was doing something on Twitter when her skype box popped up. Taylen had a message from someone requesting a skype. Taylen bit her lip. She shrugged her shoulders and clicked on the box.

It was Gray.

Taylen(surprised):Gray! I mean what are you doing here!

Gray:I wanted to talk to you.

Taylen(bites her lip):Why?

Gray:I kinda thought we had some stuff to discuss.

Taylen(nervous):I don't think so. I mean I'm fine you're fine. We're all good.



Gray:Stop stalling. You're really bad at it.

Taylen(sighs):I'm not stalling.

Gray:I think you are. Look it's okay. There's nothing wrong with admitting to falling for someone.

Taylen:Falling? Who's falling?

Gray(raises eyebrows):Again with the stalling.

Taylen(bites lip):Okay, I'm sorry.


Taylen:Yeah I've never fell for someone before. I'm used to just sex. Or just making out.

Gray:Well there's nothing wrong with trying something new.

Taylen:Well I mean I don't know how or what to say or what to do.

Gray:Well, you know you're not alone right. It takes two to make a relationship.

Taylen(giggles):Yeah, you're right.

Gray:So how about we start by making it out and open?

Taylen(gives confused look):Huh?

Gray:You know admitting that you like me and stuff.

Taylen:Oh, okay. Alright I guess I can try it.

Gray:Don't try. Take a deep breath and deliver.

Taylen:Okay. Gray, I like you a lot.

Gray:Taylen, I like you a lot too.



Taylen(claps hands):Yay!

Gray:You're really happy, aren't you?

Taylen(smiles):Sorry, I've never liked liked someone before. And then you like me too. That just makes it better.

Gray:Of course I like you. You're Taylen Parker. Everyone loves Taylen Parker.

Taylen:Not everyone.

Gray:Hey don't be like that.

Taylen:I'm just happy you like me.

Gray:I like you a lot.

Taylen:That means a lot.

Gray:I'm happy we cleared the air about this.

Taylen:Me too.

Gray:Okay, I should get some sleep now.

Taylen:Yeah, get some sleep.

Gray:You too.


Taylen blows a kiss to the laptop.

Gray:Goodnight Taylen Parker.

Taylen:Goodnight Gray Redfox.

Taylen blows another kiss when Gray logs out.

Taylen smiles to herself and then puts her laptop.

Taylen(talking to herself):Gray Redfox, you have reserved a place in my heart.

Taylen then turned off her lap and went to sleep.


So that's a wrap for this episode. Awww Graylen<333

What's up for them next? Tune in and find out!