Author Note

This is a behind the scenes of Taylen talking to Gray on the skype. The episode is Pairability.

Behind The Scenes

Taylen was on the sofa with her Apple Mac laptop. She was online with Gray and they were chatting on skype.

Taylen:I'm happy, I'm still here.

Gray:Me too. I was rooting for you.

Taylen(smiles):Aww, so sweet. If I went home, it would have been Joy's fault!

Gray:Stop thinking negative.


Gray:Instead of all the things that you think Joy did wrong, think of all the things you did right.

Taylen:Well I did sing my heart out.

Gray:And it paid off, didn't it?

Taylen(snickers):Yeah it did.

Gray:See.....You don't always have to be so upset.

Taylen:I'm not upset right now, because I'm talking to you.

Gray(smirks):I have that effect on people. Who could be mad while they're talking to me?

Taylen laughs.

Gray:You laugh!

Taylen(in between laughs):What?

Gray:The way you acted in the house, when you smiled it was a surprise for me.

Taylen:I do smile sometimes and I laugh too.

Gray:It's a pretty laugh.

Taylen(blushes):No, not really.

Gray:Really it is!


Gray:You never admit to defeat, do you?

Taylen(smiles):Never.... except for maybe one thing.....

Gray:What is it?

Taylen:I'm not telling you..

Gray:WHY NOT?!


Gray:Just tell me!



Taylen(laughs):Aww, look at your mad face.

Gray:I'm not mad!

Taylen:Sure, you aren't.

Gray:I should go, you need some sleep.

Taylen:I could stay up longer.

Gray:No, I'm getting tired. And the compettion is heating up, so you need to be on your A-Game.

Taylen:I already am.

Gray(smiles):Good night Taylen.

Taylen(huffs):Fine. Good night Gray.

Taylen then shuts her laptop. She takes a deep breath.

Taylen(talking to herself):It can't be happening, right? I can't be. Not right now.

Taylen just shakes the thought out of her head and goes back to bed. Because even if she was, she wasn't gonna admit it.

Ending Note

So that was the end of the second BTS for Graylen. Hope you guys liked it.So tell me what do you think Taylen is hiding? What could this secret be?! Sound off below! And most importantly............... Stay tuned for more!