Hi Hermione fans out there :):):)

Its been a great week for me but not for the others . This week we have INDIVIDUALITY and it was awesome . We sang Grace Kelly infront of BRANDON FOSTER . I'm not a fan of BRANDON so i think he noticed it and didn't give me a feedback ( laughs ) . So Mikaela won this week and she was amazing , she really stand out of all of us . Our Mv this week is Express yourself which fits in our theme this week . I think I felt amazing this week so I'm hoping a higher call-back but when it is the revealing of Bottom 3 , I'm 8th on the call-back list and I don't want it to happen on the next week . Jayden , Elevate and Simon was in the bottom 3 and I was scared for Simon because I feel something special with him and I don't want lose it like I lose my friend when he wasn't on the callback list . I met Simon in audtions and we got really close . Ultimately , it was Elevate who goes home . I was not that close to Elevate but i had talked to him maybe thrice . We sang KEEP HOLDING ON for him and as I felt , I don't want to be in his place soon .

So next week is Tenacity so keep tuning :)