Hey !

So this week is tenacity and as always , this week starts with the drama between Andi and Taylen Featuring Lyla and Emily ( Laughs ) . As you notice Taylen really changed , she is more bitch this week than last week and I think she is the worst bitch i've ever encounter .

Robert came to tell us the Theme this week which is Tenacity and and our song for our Homework assignment . Part of Me , Our HWA , is one of the greatest songs of Katy Perry which i enjoyed a lot . Amber Riley is our guest mentor this week . She is really a Unique Person and also Inspiring . Performing Part of me is great , I have fun but I didn't forget to be Tenacious . I am so glad that she noticed me and she also praised my performance . Joy is our homework winner which i think change a lot . She is so different , I find her cocky and mean to others and I don't like , I hpe she changed but i think it wouldn't happen . Winning the Homework Assignment doesn't mean you're the best , you just embodied the theme really well . Be respectful to others , hurting each other feelings doesn't make good relationship ! OKAY UNDERSTAND ...

So this week we are not having dance lessons from Zach , and we went immediatley to the booth which i did a good job.

Titanium is our song this week , i kinda love it but i think this is soft for tenacity because I'm expecting a headbanging song but I love slushies and being slushied . I'am also impressed by our actings compared to last week .

So the revealing of bottom 3 was so predicting for me . Andi , Drew and Emma was the weakest of the group in this week . In the end of the night , Emma was sent home which ius kinda sad because she is the leader of the group .

Next week is PAIRABILITY ! Find out who will be our new Leader and My Partner :):):)

~ Alexandria ~!