Hey to Team Alexandria !!! Whats up :):):)

The theme of the week is sexuality ( yay !!!! )

Performing our homeworK assignment excites me a lot because we are performing for Mark Salling ( Noah on Glee ) and because my partner is Connor which is one of my crushes on the house . I was surprised that Mark praised my performance even though i didn't win . Taylen win the homework which i was dissapointed because I think Gray did a great job and deserves to win the Homework more than her .

Our music video had a lot of kissing scenes . My scene is with Joy and lyla and it was really fun to shoot :):):) This was a really Lesbian week for me (ahahahaahahahah !!!) . Drew and Ryan ws the sexiest couple of the bunch , their kissing scene is too hot and i love it .

Revealing of the bottom 3 is not scary unlike last week because the reaveling of the bottom 3 is very predictable . Ryan deserves to be the first on the callback list and i was 7th overall .

Seeing Tyler go is really hard even though i didn't really know him so much .

tune up nxt week coz it will be very emotional !!!!