Hey, Mikaelettes! Hopefully, you've just seen Individuality and you'll know that I won the homework assignment! WOOOO! Grace Kelly by Mika was obviously my tpe of song and I completely killed it. Although, I did have some minor difficulties with that Roxi chick. I don't know, what's wrong with her? Ugh.

And OMG, Brandon called me stunning. For a lesbian, it was probably the only time I'd appreciate that comment from a member of the opposite sex. Now onto the music video, I loved how I got one of the main parts in Express Yourself! I really had to push myself for the music video because, regrettably I had no exprerience in acting before it.

I can't believe I was called back first, I wasn't sure where I stood as I hadn't known how well my acting was. It was so sad to see Elevate go.

Stay tuned for the next advert, as you saw in the supertease, me and Roxi get into a huge fight. I kinda felt sorry for Zach, though. :(

See you next week, Mikaelettes.