-Behind the scenes-

(Andi is sitting on the couch with a staring into space look on her face)

(Connor walks up behind her)

Connor: Hey

Andi: (looks over her shoulder) Oh, hey

Connor: Whats wrong?

Andi: Nothing, just, (long pause) Thinking

Connor: About?

Andi: Nothing in general

Connor: Cmon, even I know you better to be here thinking about nothing

Andi: (looks up at him with wide eyes, but quickly looks back down)

Connor: (confused, comes and sits next to her)

Connor: What up?

Andi: Have you read my last blog post?

Connor: No, why? (gets up to read post on his laptop)

Andi: (Hides her face in a pillow)

About 5 minutes later

Connor: (closes laptop) Oh

Andi: (muffled) Mhm

Connor: (comes back over and sits next to her)

Andi: (Takes face out of Pillow very slowly)

Connor: (Leans over and kisses her)

Andi: (Looks shocked) (Kisses back)

Connor: (pulls away but not in a bad way)

Connor: Obviously I do too

Andi: (Kisses him again)

Alexandria and Joy walk in laughing about something

Joy: So, anyway he sai- (stops talking and just stares at Connor and Andi)

Alexandria: Why did you stop talking Jo- (Sees Connor and Andi) Oh

Joy: (Narrows eyes) SO!

Andi and Connor: (Both look up)

Andi: Hey Joy, Hey Alexandria

Alexandria: Well! Isn't it Fancy meeting you here?

Hears screaming coming from the boys room

Connor: One second, The mouse may be back

Joy: (turns toward Andi) This is extremely inappropriate of you

Andi: (Looks around) Me?

Joy: Yes you! You know I have a thing for Connor!

Andi: You do?

Joy: Yeah! And since I liked him first, I get to date him!

Andi: Why exactly?

Joy: Um…The girl code! DUH

Andi: We have a code???

Joy: Yeah, and Since I saw him first, and liked him first, HE'S MINE

Alexandria: Um… NO He's mine I liked him first!

Joy and Alexandria: (start arguing) Andi: (Tries to walk away slowly)

Andi: (Bumps into Connor) Connor: Hey, I heard yelling, whats going on in there?

Andi: Well, Joy and Alexandria are fighting over who gets to date you

Connor: Oh, (walks into there)

After 5 minutes

All is resolved

Andi: Well, I'm going to hit the hay

Connor: Yeah, me too it's been a long day

Andi: Night

Connor: Night!

- End of behind the scenes-