Hey team Andi!

Wassup? Anyway, (after that awkward moment), this week was........ Vunrebility!

So, all of us girls were hangng out, and Taylen decided it would be fun to bitch at us for everything! ( Shocker, huh?) Well, when Robert came in and announced that it was vunrebility, Gray had this look on his face, kind of like when someone asks him about his love to wear no shirt. We didnt have choregraphy, and Vocals with Nikki were... I don't know.... Sad? Then, Erik came in and asked us all about our vunrebilitys, Emily and drew broke down and showed us their truly awful sad sides. I think I heard Thats drew and Ryan kissed afterwards, but its probably a rumour. Then we did the video shoot, and it was me taking care of my little brothers. In the end, Gray was out (as i suspected) but we were all sad to see him go.

But, my faovrite part of the week was when me and Connor had our "Talk". I didn't know any cameras were on us, and I was sitting there, think about what an amazing, funny, just-gotta-like-him kind of person Connor was, and about my last blog post. When (guess who?) walked up behind me. He figured out I was upset, and I (smart as I am) asked him if he read my last blog post. And so, he got up to read it, came back, sat down on the couch next to me... and kissed me! And then told me he liked me too!!! But, Joy and Alexandria came in and told me I wasn't aloud to date him because and quote "I saw him first, and liked him first so he's MINE." Then Joy and Alexandria got into this heated argument over who liked him first, which is when I excused myself. Oh, and btw. Did you girls know we have a code????