So, Sexuality

Not my best week, although I could have done worst that getting in the bottom 3. Taylen, Taylen, Taylen not getting any better. If I tell you Team Andi's a secert, will you keep it? I kind of, maybe, might, just a little bit, have a crush on connor! SO ANYWAY! Taylens still a bitch to me, acting like I'm white trash.

Zach made it very clear, I'm not sexy at all! I eventually learned the dance (after like 3 hours). Nikki and I in the studio had a very good day, I may not be sexy, but I can sure enuff sing sexy songs ;). (LOL NO) On the video shoot, (again) I was told to be more sexy. After multiple takes, we finally got it.

I'm excited about next week, I really hope its either Adapability, or Vunrebility! Wish me luck Team Andi!! (And if Connor reads this blog, Then I might just go hide under my bed) ((Or maybe in the closet))