Hey Team Drew! Well I made it to week 2! So stoked! Anyway this week was Sexuality and things got really steamy!

First of all, Robert told us that the HWA was Do You Wanna Touch? and I have to say that I am not a huge fan of the song. It is okay but, I don't know, I just don't like it much. So anyway, when it was time to perform, the guest mentor was none other than Mark Salling. I have to say, he is very handsome and sexy, but not really my type. So I think I sang good, but I still got no comment which I guess was okay but you know it would be nice to know how to improve and know if I am doing well.

Anyway, Mark announces the MV for the week and it is I'm a Slave 4 U/ Sexyback which is a really good choice for the Sexuality vidoe, in my opinion.

As the MV shoot approaches, I can't help but feel attracted to Ryan! He is so handsome and sexy and is my type! He is so nice and lovable and puts a smile on everyone's face! I am hoping I get partnered with him.....and of course.....I DO! I am super excited about this because I eally like this guy!

Finlly, it is time to film the MV and I can only focus on Ryan! He looks so sexy today and really hope we have to kiss in the music video! Right after this thought occurs, Erik tells me that Ryan and I are kissing in the MV! Yes! I sit on the couch for my scene and Ryan walks up and he starts kissing me! Erik yells cut but I don't care! Ryan is probably the best kisser EVER! I sense everyone watching and when Ryan and I finally pull away, I realize that everyone IS staring! I don't even care! I hope mine and Ryan's relationship goes far!

I think I do great in the MV and apparently I do! I am second called back which is a huge improvement from last week!

I was sort of upset about Tyler but him leaving makes me one step closer to that coveted role on glee!

Anyway, tune in next week Team Drew, where emotions will pour out of eveyone....escpecially me!