Hey my Brandon fans! So this weeks theme was sexuality! Wow, it still feels weird saying that. The week started out with us being informed by Robert that we were singing Do You Wanna Touch for our sexy new mentor. We picked our lines, and started choreographing a sexy new dance.

While waiting in the choir room, I knew it was either Mark or Naya, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out which it would honestly be. Luckily, it turned out to be one of the HOTTEST guys on Glee. Mr.Mark Salling! I honestly wanted to melt when I saw him standing in the same room as me. So, as most know we did our usual rountine, and performed for Mark. Sadly, I didn't get a comment, but it was all good. I wasn't to pleased to know Taylen one, I feel she's too cocky for her own good. We got put in pairs, and it was pretty upsetting that I didn't get paired up with Drew, and of course Ryan did. I was happy to hear we were doing a mash-up of I'm A Slave 4 U/Sexy Back.

Choreography was fine, but Zach said that I was disconnected. So next week I have to bring my game!

At vocals I did exceptional as usual! I love going in there every week to sing for Nikki, she's my favorite person to see!

On the video shoot I was furious with Ryan and Drew kissing. It felt ridiculous, but if Ryan thinks I will stand back, and have him take him, then he is mistaken! I will find a way to beat him, and win this competition and Drew!

The reveal of the bottom three was awful, I didn't do as good this week. I was scared I could be in the bottom, but I wasn't so thank you lord!

The next day Tyler sang his Keep Holding on, and we all sang back-up to him.

See y'all next time on a teary episode on Project Glee.