Hey my Brandon fans! So this week was Romanticality, one of the most romantic theme's around. I think this was a really tough week, it was the final six. Really at this point anything goes, you could be in the bottom from just one mistake. The week started out like usual, we got our lines and did choreography. We decided to do all LGBT relationships. I think at this point we were all at our breaking point. It was really easy to tick us off, I mean we were only two episodes until the finale!

In the choir room our special guest came in, it was none other than Blake Jenner! The winner of last season and this theme! He's much cuter in person. We performed our song, which was Teenage Dream by Katy Perry! Sadly, Blake found Ryan and I's performance to be fake. I guess it wasn't a good idea to have us paired together...Ultimately the winner was Andi. For our music video, which was revealed to be You and I by Lady Gaga, I got paired with Alexandria!

Choreography was not easy, we didn't work well together. We tried to do our best, but it just wasn't working out quite well.

Vocals with Nikki was perfect, as usual. Alexandria and I did fine, which was a relief, after the disaster she and I had in choerography.

The video shoot was awful. Our dancing was just simple, it didn't look like we were in love at all! I was disappointed though, we were technically doing what Zach taught us, so I don't think that was really as awful as it sounds...

The reveal of the bottom three was rough, I didn't get on the call-back list! Ryan beat me, which hurt a little bit. I sadly had to perform for Ryan, which was heart-breaking.

I practiced my song which was Big Girls Don't Cry, one of my favorites! I impressed Ryan a lot, he told me he could see me on Glee! It felt amazing, so I enjoyed meeting him for the first time.

In the end, it was Alexandria who went home. It was tough to see her leave, she was a really good friend of mine. We sung back-up to her Keep Holding On.

Tune in next week to see our Act-ability. ;)