The following are spoilers on Season 2 of Project: Glee, read at your own risk!



  • There will be 3 lows and 3 risks on this episode.
  • The homework assingment winner is either Cassidy, Eliza or Mikaela
  • The only contender that is known to advance to episode 2 is Reid Shepard.
  • Many friendships will be formed on this episode.
  • Mikaela and Roxi will become enemies.
  • Dillion will develop a crush over Audri.


  • There will be a catfight on this episode.
  • The homeowork assingment will be So What by P!nk, and the music video Living On A Prayer by Bon Jovi.
  • Zach is seen crying on the supertease.


  • Dot Marie-Jones and Emily VanCamp will be mentoring
  • The music video will be skyscraper
  • Audri, Cameron, Cassidy, Chace, Dillion, Hermione, Jayden, Marina, Mikaela, Reid, Roxi and Simon will be on this episode.
  • Either Bree, Eliza or Lohan will be on this episode.


  • There will be 12 contendors on this episode, meaning either Tenacity or Vulnerability will have a double elimination.
  • Pairs will be formed, and there will be many first kisses.