Project Glee X Factor is a fanfic to fill time between hiatus and have more fun!

It will consist of contestants on Project Glee seasons 1-2 on the X Factor, and the format will be just like the one on the show. There will be 4 categories with 4 judges, each category consisting on 3 contenders ( one consisting on 4), there will be a theme each week, and each contestant will have to sing a song related to theme (the mentors of the respective categories will choose), then we will open a poll, in which you vote your favourite performance, the ones with the fewest votes will go to the bottom 2, and sing for survival, then the judges/mentors will decide who stays and who goes home. 

Judges housesEdit

Category (Mentor) Contestants eliminated at judges houses
Broadways (Nemo)  Eliza, Jayden
Indies (Grant) Dillion, Hermione, Jacob, Emma
R & B (Trae)   Lohan, Mikaela, Lyla, Audri, Taylen

Pop stars (Thomas)

Cameron, Elevate, Reid, Simon, Tyler, Gray,


Category (Mentor) Acts
Broadway divas (Nemo) Brandon Ryan Cassidy
Indies (Grant) Chace Marina Andi
R&B Soulfuls (Trae) Roxi Drew Alexandria

Pop Stars (Thomas)

Bree Emily Joy Connor

This fanfic won´t be written, it will be based on charts.

Live ShowsEdit

Progress ChartEdit

Weekly results per contestant
Contestant Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Chace 4th 6th 6th
Roxi 9th 10th TBA
Bree 10th 9th 3rd
Connor 11th 7th TBA
Marina 2nd 8th 7th
Drew 5th 1st 4th
Emily 8th 5th 5th
Andi 3rd 2nd 1st
Alexandria 1st 4th 2nd
Joy 7th 3rd 8th
Cassidy 6th 11th Eliminated (week 2)
Brandon 12th 12th Eliminated (week 2)
Ryan 13th Eliminated (week 1)
Judges voted to: Eliminate
Nemo´s vote N/A Cassidy
Grant's vote Ryan Roxi
Trae's vote Ryan Cassidy
Thomas's vote Ryan



Live show detailsEdit

Week 1Edit

Theme: 80s

Contestants' performances on the first live show
Act Order Song Result
Brandon Foster 1 I Dreamed A Dream Bottom 2
Chace Hutchinson 2 Bohemian Rhapsody Safe
Roxi Salgado 3 I Wanna Dance With Somebody Safe
Bree Ashley 4 Boogie Shoes Safe
Ryan Thomas 5 Memory Bottom 2
Marina Bell 6 Flashdance.... What a Feeling Safe
Drew Little 7 Open Arms Safe
Emily VanCamp 8 Where do Broken Hearts Go Safe
Cassidy Mills 9 I Am Changing Safe
Andi Ray Green 10 Smooth Criminal Safe
Alexandria Harvard 11 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Advanced
Joy Lexington 12 How Will I Know Safe
Connor Mathews 13 Billie Jean Safe
Final showdown details
Act Order Song Result
Brandon Foster 1 I Dreamed A Dream Safe
Ryan Thomas 2 Memory Eliminated

Judges votes to eliminate:

  • Nemo: N/A
  • Grant: Ryan; moved more by Brandon's performance
  • Trae: Ryan; sees more potential on Brandon, and thinks he deserves to stay
  • Thomas: Ryan; Brandon did such an Amazing performance! He transformed that song that was mainly sung by females into his own Male version. It was Breathtaking!

Week 2Edit

Theme: Current Hits

Contestants' performances on the first live show
Act Order Song Result
Brandon Foster 1 Seasons Of Love Eliminated
Chace Hutchinson 2 Locked Out Of Heaven Safe
Roxi Salgado 3 Girl on Fire Bottom 2
Bree Ashley 4 Gangnam Style Safe
Connor Mathews 5 One More Night Safe
Marina Bell 6 It´s Time  Safe
Drew Little 7 Beauty and the Beat Advanced
Emily VanCamp 8 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Safe
Cassidy Mills 9 You Must Love Me Bottom 2
Andi Ray Green 10 Blow Me (One Last Kiss) Safe
Alexandria Harvard 11 Diamonds Safe
Joy Lexington 12 Die Young Safe
Final showdown details
Act Order Song Result
Roxi Salgado 1 Girl on Fire Safe
Cassidy Mills 2 You Must Love Me Eliminated

This week will have a double elimination (the one with the less votes will leave directly. Brandon)

Judges votes to eliminate:

  • Nemo: Cassidy ; Roxi sang better
  • Grant: Roxi ; I love both girls, but the act I´m gonna have to choose is Roxi. She´s the last one of the broadway divas, and I think she can really improve over the competition. 
  • Trae: Cassidy;  I was honestly moved more by Roxi's performance, and it was also a hit song from 2012 to now, and I didn't really find myself interested in Cassidy's performance, so I would have to go with Cassidy.
  • Thomas: Cassidy; Bad Song choice! But they were both lovely

Week 3Edit

Theme: Inspirational songs

Contestants' performances on the first live show
Act Order Song Result
Chace Hutchinson 1 Chasing Cars Safe
Roxi Salgado 2 One Step at a Time Bottom 2
Bree Ashley 3 Shake It Out Safe
Connor Mathews 4 Taking Chances Bottom 2
Marina Bell 5 True Colors Safe
Drew Little 6 I Believe I Can Fly Safe
Emily VanCamp 7 Defying Gravity Safe
Andi Ray Green 8 Firework  Safe
Alexandria Harvard 9 Beautiful (Christina Aguilera) Safe
Joy Lexington 10 Don't Stop Believin Safe
Final showdown details
Act Order Song Result
Connor Mathews 1 We've Got Tonight TBA
Roxi Salgado 2 TBA TBA