Season One, Episode Six
Air date September 5, 2012
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Performability is the sixth episode on the first season of Project: Glee, in which fourteen young hopefuls compete for a role on Glee. This is a fan-fic competition based off the hit show, The Glee Project.

  • Guest mentor: Heather Morris
  • Homework assignment: Light Up the World
  • Music Video: Paradise by the Dashboard Light
  • Homework assignment winner: Alexandria Harvard
  • Eliminated: Joy Lexington


-Andi´s talking on the phone to Connor-

Andi(crying): It´s only been a day and I miss you so much. I really want you to be here.

Connor´s voice: It´s okay sweetie. I´m still with you. I love you, and I don´t want you to be discarouged. You can win this thing, you can beat anyone on the competition, ´cause your a champion. Remember that.

Andi: I will. I will win it for you.

-Andi hangs up the phone and cries, Taylen enters the room-

Taylen: Poor little bull dog!

-Andi stares at her-

Taylen: You look so like a bulldog when you cry, and I don´t want to offend bulldogs!

Andi: Shut up, you´re like a mouse when you talk!

confession cam, Andi: I was crying, deppresevely because of Connor and Taylen steps in attacking me again! She is so annoying! I don´t know why she attacks me all the time! I just want her to go! I´ll trust Connor´s words and I´ll beat her!

Taylen: A mouse, that´s the best you can say?

-Robert enters the room, Taylen and Andi stop fighting-

Andi: Robert´s here!

-The contenders gather around the sofas-

Robert: Hey guys! what a week we had! You better get ready now, ´cause this weeks theme is..... performability!

Joy: ooooohhh!

Alexandria: Yes!

Robert: It´s a new theme, your performances will be inspired in the performances of the show choir competitions seen on Glee. You have to be able to dance, lip sync and coordinate at the same time.

Confession cam, Joy: I have to do all this things at the same time! It´s allready hard to dance!

Confession cam, Ryan: I´m much of a performer, I love to perform!

Confession cam, Alexandria: I love this theme. I love performing!

Robert: Your homework assingment will be Light Up the World by Glee!

Emily: Yes!

Brandon: Love it!

Robert: There´s a difference. You´ll perform your homework assingment on the auditorium instead of the choir room!

Joy: Oh!

Confession cam, Alexandria: We´ll do it on the auditorium! I´´m so excited!

Robert: Here you have the lyrocs, divided in 9, split them between you and prepare choreography. Come up with a great performance tomorrow, good luck!

Lyla: Each of us will have more lyrics than usual. Let´s try to do choreography!

-The contenders prepare choreography-

Lyla: We turn around in turns, come on, turn around. Drew, do it quicker!

-After many tries, the contenders get the choreography.-

-Homework assingment, auditorium-

-The contenders are standing up on the auditorium-

Robert: Are you ready guys? This mentor is someone that knows everyhting about performances and can do them perfectly on glee. Please welcome....

-Heather Morris enters the auditorium-

Robert: Heather Morris!

-Contenders shout and cheer-

Confession cam, Joy: Heather Morris is right in front of me! Oh my gosh! I love her so much!

Confession cam, Lyla: Heather Morris is awesome!

Heather Morris: Hey guys!

Robert: You all know Heather, who plays the outragous Brittany Pearce on Glee.

Heather Morris: So, Performability is all about being able to have coordination when you´re performing. You need to dance, sing and everything and you need to have will and coordination!

Robert: They´ve been working on Light Up the World.

Heather: Great! let´s see it.

Light Up the World-

-contenders form a line-

-Lyla turns around-


hey-hey-hey you and me keep on dancing in the dark, it's been tearing me apart, never knowing what we are. hey-hey-hey you and me keep on tryin to play it cool, now it's time to make a move and that's what i'm gonna do.

- Drew and Joy turn around-

-Drew and Joy dance-


Lay it all down


Got something to say


Lay it all down


Throw your doubt away


Do or die now


Step onto the plate

Joy and Drew:

Blow the door wide open like up up up away

-All the contenders turn around and dance-


let's light up the world tonight you gotta give up the bark and bite i know that we got the love alright come on and li-li-light it up, light it up tonight


hey-hey-hey you and me turn it up ten thousand watts. tell me why we've gotta stop, i just want to let it rock. hey-hey-hey you and me keep on staring at the road, like we don't know where to go, step back, let me take control.


let's light up the world tonight you gotta give up the bark and bite i know that we got the love alright come on and li-li-light it up, light it up tonight Taylen:

hey hey hey you. hey hey hey you. hey hey hey you. hey hey hey you.


lay it all down, got something to say. lay it all down, throw your doubt away. do or die now, step onto the plate blow the door wide open like up up and away


let's light up the world tonight you gotta give up the bark and bite i know that we got the love alright come on and li-li-light it up, light it up tonight


let's light up the world tonight you gotta give up the bark and bite i know that we got the love alright come on and li-li-light it up, light it up tonight

-Robert and Heather clap and smile-

Robert: That was great guys!

Heather: Now that´s a performance! Drew, I think you need more energy and coordination, try to work that out. Joy, I could see the energy in you, but you needed coordination and you needed to improve your coreography, you could make a great performance. Emily, you were great! You´re a performer! I could just tell it, you owned it! Ryan, I can also see you´re a performer you had this confidence and energy, you were great! Alexandria, I can tell you love to perform, and you´re also great! You owned it! You really can perform on a group, and you really stood out!

Robert: So, Heather, who do you pick as the homework winner?

Heather: In the end, I pick...-camera flashes between emily, ryan and alexandria-Alexandria!

-Alexandria covers her face-

Alexandria: Yay! thanks!

Confession cam-Alexandria: Yay! Heather picked me as the winner! It feels great!

Confession cam-Taylen: Heather picked Alexandria as the winner. We all know I deseve to win the homework assinngment. It´s clear Heather can´t recognize talent when she sees it. She doesn´t even have talent.

Robert: So, Alexandria, that means you´ll have a one on one mentoring session with Heather and a stand out on the big group number, which is.... Paradise by the dashboard light by meatloaf!

Lyla: Yes!

Confession cam-Lyla: I love how Glee performed the song at nationals! It will be great!

Confession cam-Drew: It isn´t my type of song... but I´ll so my best.

Robert: There´s one surprise for the music video. You´ll do it at the actual stage used on nationals when glee performed!

Brandon: wow! awesome!

Confession cam-Brandon: We´re doing it on the same stage as glee! I´m so excited!

Robert: You´ll practice choreography and you´ll record vocals this week. See you guys! Good luck!

Heather: Bye guys! You´re all great!

-Choroeography with Zach-

Zach: Hey! So, it´s performability and you really have to show off your dancing skills. There´s a lot of choreography on this music video.

Confession cam-Joy: A lot of choreography! I´m nervous!

Zach: Okay. Let´s get it started.

Zach: I need Brandon, Drew and Ryan here. You´ll start out over here! So, you´ll do a one, two, three, two, one, pa, bum. Brandon and Drew, you need to do it better!

-After 3 more attempts, they get it-

Zach: The girls! I need the girls! Alexandria will be singing her line and you´ll follow her up dancing behind her.

-The girls try to do it-

Zach: Andi and Joy, what´s that? You´re not coordinating at all! Joy, dance!

-After many attempts, they manage to do it-

Zach: Now I need you all for the final dance!

Zach: Pa. Pum. one, two. Joy! Dance! Drew and Andi! coordinate!

-Vocals with Nikki-

Alexandria: Stop right there! I gotta know right now!

Nikki: Great, homework winner!

Confession cam, Alexandria: I´m so happy this week! I´m doing great!

Confession cam, Nikki: Alexandria´s the contender that grew up the most throughout the competition. She can do anything now!

Andi: In the deep, dark, night...

Nikki: Mmm..., no, you need to do it slower.

Andi: Okay

-After many takes, she manages to do it-

-Video shoot-

-The contenders enter the stage, smiling and shouting-

Brandon: This is great! I´m at nationals!

Emily: Oh my gosh!

Erik: Hey everybody! Welcome to national´s stage!

-Everyone claps-

Erik: So lets get it started!

- Several minutes after-

Erik: Okay, so now I need Drew, Brandon and Ryan. Do your dance.

-Drew, Brandon and Ryan do they´re moves-

Zach: I keep noticing Brandon and Drew are having mistakes.

Nikki: Yeah, they seem disconnected.

Erik: Cut!

Zach: Drew and Brandon! You need to be more connected!

-After several takes, they get it-

Erik: Now I need the girls. Alexandria dances and you all follow her.

-Alexandria does her moves, and the girls follow behind-

Erik: Joy and Andi! What´s that? coordinate!

Confession cam, Andi: So Joy and I are having trouble coordinating. I´m doing my best, but it´s so difficult to do everything.

- The girls dance, and suddenly Joy falls-

Erik: Cut!

-Taylen laughs-

Zach: What was that?

-Joy stands up-

Erik: Joy are you okay?

Joy: Yeah! I´m fine!

Confession cam, Joy: I´ve fallen! directly to the floor! I felt so humiliated.. maybe this puts me into the bottom.

Zach: Joy´s having a lot of trouble with choreography.

Confession cam, Robert: We really have to take a close look to the video, to see who did the worst coordinating and performing, and choose the bottom 3.

- Paradise by the Dashboard Light-

- All the contenders are on a stage, all the girls sit and move-


Sha, sha, sha, sha

- Brandon, Drew and Ryan dance-


I remember every little thing As if it happened only yesterday Parking by the lake And there was not another car in sight

- Alexandria steps in, Drew heads towards her, grabs her, and they dance


And i never had a girl Looking any better than you did And all the kids at school They were wishing they were me that night

-All the contenders dance on the stage-


And now our bodies are oh so close and tight It never felt so good, it never felt so right

- Drew and Ryan dance with each other-


And we're glowing like the metal on the edge of a knife

Glowing like the metal on the edge of a knife


C'mon! hold on tight!

C'mon! hold on tight!

- The contenders form a line, Andi and Brandon step out of it-

Andi and Brandon:

Thought it's cold and lonely in the deep dark night

- Drew and Ryan join them form behind

Andi and Brandon:

I can see paradise by the dashboard light


Tough it´s cold and lonely in the deep dark knight


In the deep, dark knight

Andi and Brandon:

Paradise by the dashboard light...

- The boys and the girls split together, the boys run around the stage-


We're gonna go all the way tonight We're gonna go all the way And tonight's the night (Tonight's the night)

- Taylen raises her hand-


Stop right there! I gotta know right now!

-The girls form a line, and Taylen plays with them-


Before we go any further! Do you love me? Will you love me forever? Do you need me? Will you never leave me? Will you make me so happy for the rest of my life? Will you take me away and will you make me your wife?

- Emily goes towards Taylen-


Let me sleep on it

baby, baby, let me sleep on it,

let me sleep on it,

I´ll give you an answer in the morning

- Taylen and Emily gp behind, leaving Alexandria and Ryan. Alexandria pushes Ryan, the girls join Alexandria and dance with her-


I gotta know right now Do you love me? Will you love me forever? Do you need me? Will you never leave me? Will you make me so happy for the rest of my life? Will you take me away and will you make me your wife? Do you love me? Will you love me forever?

- Lyla goes towards Alexandria-


Let me sleep on it


Will you love me forever?


Let me sleep on it


Will you love me forever?

- Lyla goes away, Joy joins Alexandria, and they dance together, the rest of the contenders form pairs and dance-


I couldn't take it any longer Lord i was crazed And when the feeling came upon me Like a tidal wave I started swearing to my god and on my mother's grave That i would love you to the end of time (Ah Whooa!) That i would love you to the end of time (Ahhh... Ahhh... Aaaahhh...)

- Joy leaves and Ryan joins Alexandria-


So now i'm praying for the end of time To hurry up and arrive 'Cause if i gotta spend another minute with you I don't think that i can really survive I'll never break my promise or forget my vow But god only knows what i can do right now I'm praying for the end of time It's all that i can do


(I can do do...)


Praying for the end of time, so i can end my time with you!!!



- Everyone dances-


It was long ago and it was far away And it was so much better that it is today (Oh... it never felt so good It never felt so right And we were glowing like A metal on the edge of a knife)

Felt so right, felt so good

-The contenders stop dancing and raise their hands-



-Reveal of the bottom 3-

Robert: This week was all about performing. You had to do coreography, lyp sinc and have will and coordination. This said, Alexandria, congratulations, you´re first on the callback list.

-Alexandria smiles-

Alexandria: Thank you!

Robert: You´ve done an excellent job this week Alexandria, and you keep getting better and better.

Conffession cam, Alexandria: I´m so happy! I also feel I´m improving, I´m so close on being on glee!

-Alexandria walks out of the stage-

Robert: Taylen, Emily, Ryan, Lyla. You´re all called back, great job this week guys.

- Taylen jumps with joy-

-Ryan hugs Drew-

Ryan: I love you.

Conffession cam, Ryan: I´m so relieved I´m called back, but I´m still worried about Drew, I love him, and I´m afraid he might go home.

- Andi,Brandon, Drew and Joy remain on the stage-

Robert: All four of you struggled this week.

Nikki: Andi, you needed a lot of takes on the booth, it seemed as if you were worried or something.

Zach: Andi, you were also having problems coordinating during the shoot. Joy, you also needed to improve your choreography and coordination at the shoot. It´s like you´re close, but you need to have more confidence on yourself. I mean, you fall to floor.

Robert: Joy, Heather also noticed that at the homework assingment.

Zach: Brandon, we all know you´re a great performer but you also needed more coordination and connection at the shoot. Drew, I noticed the same on you. You need a lot of connection and energy.

Robert: Drew, that´s a not you´ve been getting on for a while. Drew, you´ll perform for Ryan tonight.

-Drew nods-

Robert: Joy, you´ll also perform for Ryan tonight.

-Joy nods and lowers her head.

Robert: Brandon, you´re called back for next week.

-Brandon smiles and leaves the stage.

Nikki: Andi, your song is Gives You Hell by the all american rejects.

Andi: Cool!

Nikki: Drew, your song is Shake it Out by Florence and the machine.

- Drew makes a scary face-

- The judges laugh-

Nikki: Do you know the song?

Drew: Yeah! that´s why I´m scared, her voice is great!

Nikki: You can definitely fo it.

-Drew nods-

Nikki: Joy,in order to see your ruthless side, your song is fighter by christina aguilera.

Joy: Oh my gosh!

Zach: Go!

- Andi, Drew and Joy leave the stage-

-rehearsal room, Andi-

Andi: When you see my face....

Confession cam, Andi: I´ll just show Ryan that I´m something that´s never been on glee, and I´ll make him like me as I did before. I´ll give my best for Connor, I don´t even think about leaving.

-rehearsal room, Drew-

Drew: ´Cause it´s hard to dance....

Confession cam, Drew: It´s my third time in a row here, and I really want to stay. I don´t want to leave Ryan behind, I love him and I will love to win this competition. I´ll sing for him tonight.

-rehearsal room, Joy-

Joy: Thanks for making me a fighter...

Confession cam, Joy: I really want to show Ryan I can be ruthless. I was pretty ruthless when I was new Joy, but I realised she isn´t me. However, I´ll try being ruthless and being old joy. I´ll show Ryan I deserve this.

- Auditorium-

- Ryan Murphy, Nikki, Zach and Robert take a seat-

Robert: This week was Performability. The guys had to do performances inspired by nationals and really coordinate. These three had trouble with that.

Ryan: Okay, who´s first?

Robert: First is Andi.

Nikki: Andi needed many takes at the booth and it seemed she wasn´t giving all of herself and we also saw that at the shoot.

Ryan: Okay, bring her out.

-Andi enters the stage-

Andi: Hi, I´m Andrea Ray Green, and I´ll be singing Gives You Hell by The All American Rejects.

Gives You Hell


I wake up every evening

With a big smile on my face And it never feels out of place And you're still probably working At a nine to five pace I wonder how bad that tastes.

When you see my face, Hope it gives you hell, hope it gives you hell. When you walk my way, Hope it gives you hell, hope it gives you hell.

Tomorrow you'll be thinkin' to yourself "Yeah, when did it all go wrong?" But the list goes on and on.

And truth be told, I miss you. And truth be told, I'm lying.

When you hear this song I hope that it will give you hell. (Hope it gives you hell.) You can sing along I hope that it Would suit you well.

- Judges laugh and clap-

Ryan: Andi! You wear great!

Andi: Thank you!

Ryan: They told me you weren´t giving all of yourself this week, but you gave a lot of yourself right now!

Andi: The thing is that at the beginning of the week, I was sad that Connor had left. But I want to win this thing for both of us, and I promise you I´ll give my best everytime just like now!

Ryan: Okay. I hope you do! You were great!

-Andi walks out of the stage-

Robert: Next is Drew. Drew needed more connection and energy at the shoot and Heather also noticed it. It´s a note he´s been getting for a while.

-Drew enters the stage-

Drew: Hello, I´m Drew Little and I´ll be singing Shake it out by florence and the machine.

Shake it out


Regrets collect like old friends Here to relive your darkest moments I can see no way, I can see no way And all of the ghouls come out to play

And every demon wants his pound of flesh But I like to keep some things to myself I like to keep my issues drawn It's always darkest before the dawn

Shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, ooh whoa Shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, ooh whoa And it's hard to dance with a devil on your back So shake him off, oh whoa

And I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't So here's to drinks in the dark at the end of my road And I'm ready to suffer and I'm ready to hope It's a shot in the dark aimed right at my throat 'Cause looking for heaven, found the devil in me Looking for heaven, found the devil in me Well what the hell I'm gonna let it happen to me, yeah

Shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, ooh whoa Shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, ooh whoa And it's hard to dance with a devil on your back So shake him off, oh whoa

- The judges clap-

Ryan: Wow! Drew! It was amazing!

Drew: Thank you!

Ryan: So how did you feel when you sung that song?

Drew: I felt power!

Ryan: So that´s it! That´s what you need! I really love your story, I think you´re inspirational, but if you want to be on glee you need more power.

Drew: Yeah, I understand.

Ryan: Okay, you did great, you can go.

-Drew leaves the stage-

Robert: Next is Joy.

Zach: Joy needed a lot of coordination and energy at the shoot, and it´s something we´ve allready been telling her for a while, to have more energy and confidence. She felt to the ground at the shoot.

-Joy enters the room-

Joy: Hi, I´m Joy Lexington, and i´ll be singing Fighter by Christina Aguilera



Well I thought I knew you, thinkin' that you were true Guess I, I couldn't trust called your bluff time is up 'Cause I've had enough You were there by my side, always down for the ride But your joy ride just came down in flames cause your greed sold me out in shame

After all of the stealing and cheating you probably think that I hold resentment for you But uh uh, oh no, you're wrong 'Cause if it wasn't for all that you tried to do, I wouldn't know Just how capable I am to pull through So I want to say thank you Cause it

'Cause it makes me that much stronger Makes me work a little bit harder It makes me that much wiser So thanks for making me a fighter Made me learn a little bit faster Made my skin a little bit thicker Makes me that much smarter So thanks for making me a fighter

-Judges clap-

Ryan: Now that´s Joy! You killed it!

Joy: Thanks!

Ryan: We need to see that Joy more!

Joy: I know!

Ryan: They told me you´ve fallen to the ground during the performance.

Joy: Yeah. I suck at choreography and stuff and I can´t coordinate.

Ryan: Well that´s an important thing on the show.

Joy: Yeah-

Ryan: We need to see more of this Joy, the one that we saw tonight. You can go.

-Joy leaves the stage-

Ryan: It´s so hard. They all did great tonight.

Nikki: Yeah.

Ryan: Andi. I love her, I definitely see a charcter in her and she´s great, but she needs to give more, and I think she will.

- waiting room-

Andi: Ryan liked my performance, and he said I had to give my best all the time if I want to win this thing, I hope he sees I can.

-flashes to auditorium-

Ryan: Drew´s great. I love him, I find him so inspirational, but I allways feel he´s lacking of energy and confidence, altough he did great tonight.

-flashes to waiting room-

Drew: Ryan likes me, but maybe he´s sick of me allready. He says I need more enrgy, and I really had energy tonight.

-flashes to auditorium-

Ryan: Joy´s also great, she did awesome tonight, she really killed it, but I allways say the same about her and she continues coming here. I don´t know if she can changem she has to to be on glee.

-flashes to waiting room-

Joy: Ryan loved my performance. But he keeps saying I need more confidence and things.

-flashes to auditorium-

Ryan: So I think this should go.

Zach: Yes.

Nikki: Unfortunately.

-waiting room-

-robert enters the room-

Robert: Hey guys. Unfortunately, the list is up, so... go take a look.

- Drew and Ryan hug and kiss-

Drew: I love you so much.

Ryan: I love you too. Good luck.

- Andi, Drew and Joy walk out of the room-

-Andi walks towards the list-

Confession cam, Andi: I feel so nervous right now. I hope Ryan saw a character and saw I will give my best, because I surely will.

-Drew walks towards the list-

Confession cam, Drew: I reallly feel I will go home tonight. I can give more of myself, but I feel Ryan doesn´t think the same.

-Joy walks to the list-

Confession cam, Joy: Ryan said I have to change to be on Glee. I hope he sees more of myself, but I think I´m going home allready.

-Andi looks at the list-

-Drew looks the list-

-Joy looks the list-

-Andi smiles and walks away-

Called back:

  • Alexandria
  • Taylen
  • Emily
  • Ryan
  • Lyla
  • Brandon
  • Andi
  • Drew

​Not called back:

  • Joy

-Drew nods and walks away-

-Joy cries-

-The contenders gather around her and hug her-

Confession cam, Joy: This has been an unforgetable experience. I made great friends and discovered a lot of myself. My journey will keep going.

Keep Holding On


There's nothing you can say (Nothing you can say), nothing you can do (Nothing you can do) There's no other way when it comes to the truth (When it comes to the truth)



Keep holding on (holding on)

'Cause you know I'll make it through, I'll make it through

Narrator: On the next Project: Glee. Things get heavy at Rival-ability. Enemies fight more, and a relationship is tested!

Brandon: I will do anything to get Drew!

Taylen: I will kill Andi this week!