Pairability will be the sixth episode of season two of Project Glee, a glee project fanfic in which contestants compete for a role on Glee. It was released on June 20, 2013.

  • Guest Judge/Mentor: Lyla Rowen and Alexandria Harvard
  • Homework Assingment: Mine-Taylor Swift
  • Homework Assingment Winner: Audri Suazo and Marina Bell
  • Music Videos: 
  • Confirmed pairs: Simon-Hermione, Roxi-Mikaela, Marina-Reid, Chace-Jayden, Audri-Cassidy


Narrator: So here`s what you missed on Project: Glee. Last week was all about Adaptability, and the contestants had to shape it up to their suroundings, performing Grace Kelly again, and doing a song in Korean. Simon shined all the way through, while Dillion, Roxi and Mikaela performed for Ryan. In the end, it was Dillion who got sent home. There are now 10 competing to win a role on Glee ( Simon, Audri, Hermione, Marina, Jayden, Chace, Cassidy, Reid, Mikaela, Roxi) That`s all you need to know so far on Project Glee!

-Audri and the rest of the girls sit on the girls room.-

-Audri is crying, while being hugged by Hermione.-

Audri: He... he`s gone...

-Mikaela roles her eyes.-

-Hermione hugs Audri.-

Hermione: He`s only gone here, remember that.

Audri: He`s gone.... like everyone I`ve been with is GONE. 

Marina: Audri, calm down, you know Dillion won`t be gone forever.

Mikaela: Oh my gosh, Audri. Stop it. Just stop it. I never asked for all the things that suck on my life, you know what? I just dealt with them and never cried. This competition isn`t for the ones that cry.

Confession cam, Marina: I can`t believe what Mikaela just said. Audri is so bad and she is not helping at all.

Confession cam, Roxi: I have to admit that, for the first time ever, I agree with Mikaela.

-Reid enters the room.-

Reid: Guys, Robert`s here.

-Meeting room.-

Robert: Hey guys. We had a tough elimination last week.

-Camera points at Audri.-

Robert: It`s a whole new week. It`s time to get intimate with each other. You better get ready for...... Pairability!

-The contestants shout and cheer.-

Confession cam, Mikaela: YES! i wanted to be on this week so much!

Confession cam, Reid: I love this week. I love it. I do.

Confession cam, Cassidy: Ugh. 

Robert: Your song is  Mine by Taylor Swift.       You get to choose your pairs this time. Remember, if one screws up, you both are screwed up. Good luck.

-Robert leaves the room.-

Roxi: Like they did last season, lets just stare at the one we want to be with.

-Marina stares at Reid, who is already staring with Roxi. Chace and Jayen get together, as well as Simon and Hermione. Mikaela gets with Cassidy, and Audri and Marina are left together.

Confession cam, Marina: I was left with a girl, something which is not comfortable at all for me. Still, this is no reason to look down, besides, Audri is already suffering alot, I want to help her.

Confession cam, Jayden: I`m so happy I`m with Chace! I can`t get our kiss off my head...

Confession cam, Roxi: Reid is hot.

Confession cam, Simon (smiling): Me and Hermione, yeah.

Confession cam, Mikaela: I think Cassidy is kinda hot. I mean she is not hot. I mean she is. I mean, if I had to be with anyone here, it would be her. 

-The pairs practise.-

-Homework Assingment. Choir room.-

Robert: Okay, I hope you have all practised and gotten into your pairs. Get ready to welcome...

-Lyla and Alexandria enter the room, smiling.-

Robert: Lyla and Alexandria from season one!

-The contestants shout and cheer.-

Confession cam, Roxi: Oh my gosh! I love both girls sooo much! They kicked ass on pairability!

Robert: You probably know they won the homework assingment last season and got first on the callback list last season.

Lyla: Yah we did!

-Alexandria and Lyla hifive on the air.-

Lyla: You just need to have faith on the other, relate to them.

Alexandria: We both are straight, but had to let this go. You have to be as natural as possible with your pair.

Robert: Alright. They`ve been working on Mine, by Taylor Swift.

Lyla: Awesome! Let`s see it.


-The contestants split into couples, and they sit, facing each other. The couples are, Simon and Hermione, Reid and Roxi, Cassidy and Mikaela, Chace and Jayden and Audri and Marina.-

-Light iluminates Cassidy and Mikaela.-

Cassidy: You were in college, part time waiting tables, left a small town never looked back.

Mikaela: I was a flight risk with a fear of falling, wondering why we bother with love, if it never lasts

-Light iluminates Chace and Jayden.-

Chace: I say, can you believe it? As we`re lying on the couch

Jayden: The moment I could see it, yes, yes, I can see it now.

-Light iluminates Audri and Marina.-

Marina: Do you remember we were sitting there by the water? You put your arm around me, for the first time.

Audri: You made a rebel of a careless man`s careful daughter. You are the best thing that`s ever been mine.

-Light iluminates Reid and Roxi.-

Roxi: And I remeber that fight 2:30 AM

Reid: As everything was slipping right out of our hands

Roxi: I ranned out crying, and you followed me out int the streets.

-Light iluminates Simon and Hermione.-

Hermione: Do you belive it? We`re gonna make it now.

Simon: I can see it

Simon and Hermione: I can see it now.

-Light iluminates all of the pairs as they stand up, and they each slowly walk away from each other.-

All: You are the best thing that`s ever been mine.

-Lights turn on.-

-Robert, Lyla and Alexandria clap.-

Robert; Great performance, guys.

Lyla: It was amazing. You all shone your way, and there`s no one I can say did bad.

Alexandria: Nope. Cassidy and Mikaela, Marina and Audri. You all did awesome and totally played the part. It felt so real. 

Lyla: Chace and Jayden. You were amazeballs, you just nailed it. It was so conving and moving. I just loved it.

Alexandria: Reid and Roxi, you both were solid and real, you both did great.

Lyla: Simon and Hermione. You really shone, you both had great connection, and just.... did awesome, it was so real and you just did great. No words.

-Lyla and Alexandria leave to discuss the winnerm and come back.-

Alexandria: We have made our choice, the winner is......

Lyla: Marina and Audri. You two nailed it completely. 

-Marin and Audri hi five and the rest of the contestants congratulate them.-

Confession cam, Marina: I`m so happy! It`s my second win, already. I feel like I`m just getting stronger, I won`t go yet. 

Confession cam, Audri: This is great! I wish Dillion was here with me, but still, I couldn`t be happier right now. 

Confession cam, Roxi: Ugh. 

Robert: Congratulations, Audri and Marina. That means you`ll have a one on one session, or two on two, this case, with Lyla and Alexandria.

-Audri and Marina smile.-

Robert: This week we won`t have one, but five music videos. As it`s pairability, we`ll choose the pairs. Each pair will have its own music video, and will pass through choreography and vocals separately. Let`s start it with the pairs.

Lyla: Okay, so, let`s see..... Simon and Hermione, you two are together.

-Simon and Hermione hug and smile.-

Confession cam, Simon: I love that I`m with Hermione again. I love her. We worked great, and I think we`ll continue working great.

Lyla: Your song is You´re the that I Want, from Grease.

Hermione: Ooh! Awesome!

Alexandria: The other pair is... Marina and Reid.

-Marina and Reid stare at each other. Marina smiles, but Reid does nothing.-

Confession cam, Marina: I`m with Reid! I think I can work with him, he´s my best friend here, and I just hope we can cope as friends. 

Confession cam, Reid: Marina is cool, but still, it will be hard working with her. 

Alexandria: Your song is, the classic, Don´t You Want Me, by the Human League.

Marina: Yay!

Lyla: The other pair is....Chace and Jayden.

-Chace and Jayden smile.-

Confession cam, Jayden: YES! I´m with Chace again!

Lyla: Your song is Stay, by Rhianna and Mikky Ekko. Get ready to get emotional.

Chace: Oh my god!

Confession cam, Chace: The song is super emotional, and I´m with Jayden. I just think it will be a little weird. But whatever, I´m here to win it.

Alexandria: The other pair is.... Roxi and Mikaela-

Roxi: Whoa!

Mikaela: Nah

Roxi: Woah!

Mikaela: Nah

Confession cam, Roxi: What? I´m with that lesbian b#tch?! Ugh, they always throw obstacles at me.

Confession cam, Mikaela: Whatever, I´ll kick her ass on the duet.

Alexandria: Your song is All That Jazz, from Chicago.

Roxi: A Musical?!

Confession cam, Roxi: Too much that I´m with Mikaela, and it´s a musical. Gosh, they know nothing about music.

Confession cam, Mikaela: I think this song will be kinda a fight between us, like the one we saw on Glee. If so, I´ll kick her ass.

Lyla: That leaves Audri and Cassidy. You´ll be doing  a mashup of I feel Pretty and I´m Pretty as we´ve seen on Glee.

Confession cam, Audri: That song just is not my style. 

Confession cam, Cassidy: I love that song and can totally relate to it. I think Audri and I will make a good pair with it.

Robert: So that´s it. We´ll see you guys this week!

-Simon and Hermione.-


-Simon and Hermione are practising on the dance room with Zach.-

Zach: Okay guys, stop kissing and loving each other and let´s get to this. Your song is You´re the One I want, which is all sweet and energetic and blubby and romantic, and you gotta keep that mood all the time. In the music video, you´ll be on a stage as if you were on Grease, and you gotta perform all the moves well. So, let´s get to it!

-Zach teaches Simon and Hermione the moves and they quicly learn them.-

Zach: That was awesome guys!


-Simon and Hermione are both on the booth with Nikki.-

Confession cam, Nikki: I hope that they both maintain the rhytm and energy of the song the whole time.

Simon and Hermione: You´re the one I want, ooh oooh ooh, honey, you´re the one I want...

Nikki: Great you guys! 

Confession cam, Nikki: Simon and Hermione did great. You can really tell they know what they´re doing and that they´re having the time of their lives.


-Simon and Hermione stand on a stage, sorounded by extras and art work.-

Erik: You both will be pretending as if you were during a play on Grease. 

-Simon and Hermione both do their moves on the song and sing.-

Robert: I can tell they´re doing great together.

Nikki: Yeah, they really are into it, and they work perfect together.

Erik: Cut! Great work!

Confession cam, Simon: I just hope we did a good work, I feel so connected to Hermione. I just love her.

-You´re the One I Want.-

-Camera shows a stage during a play of Grease. Dancer are everywhere as Simon and Hermione stand on the center.-

Simon: I got chills, they´re multiplying, and I´m loosing control, ´Cause the power, you´re supplying, is electrifying!

-Hermione dances around Simon, in a cocky way.-

Hermione: You better shape up, ´cause I need a man, and my heart is set on you. You better shape up, you better understand, to my heart I must be true.

Simon and Hermione: Nothing left, nothing left for me to do.

-They both dance around each other.-

Simon and Hermione: You´re the one I want. Ooh, ooh, ooh, honey. 

Hermione: The one I want, ooh ooh honey.

Simon and Hermione: The one I need oh yes indeed!

-They stop dancing and hold each other.-

Simon and Hermione: You´re the one I want!

-Marina and Reid.-


Zach: Okay! Your song is Don´t You want me. You both will be on a 50s restaurant, expressing yourself to the other with many dancers in the middle. Okay, let´s go.

-Marina and Reid dance with each other, but get it wrong.-

Zach: Guys! Try to do it again! Reid, help Marina!

Confession cam, Zach: All the way was like they were not relating to each other, and it was a huge problem.


Marina and Reid: Don´t You Want me, baby? Dont you want me? OOOOH

Nikki: Ugh! No!

Confession cam, Nikki: Marina and Reid were TERRIBLE. They sung over each other all the time, they just couldn´t cope with each other. They can´t sinchronize.

Nikki: Let´s do it again, don´t sing over each other, it sounds horrible. 


-Marina and Reid are on a set of a 50s style restaurant.-

Erik: Okay, guys. On this video, Marina is sitting over that table when Reid goes and you both sing to each other. 

-Marina and Reid do their steps.-

Robert: They just arenpt connecting. 

Nikki: They´re horrible, Reid isn´t helping Marina.

Erik: Cut! Guys, you can do better, you have to sinchronize. Come on, again.

Confession cam, Marina: I really am sad. I just couldn´t cope with my best friend here, I don´t know what´s going on.

Confession cam, Reid: I´m so frustrtaed. I think the problem is Marina. We can´t be together.

-You´re the One I Want.-

-Marina is sitting on a table of a 50s style restaurant. Reid observes her and approaches her.-

Reid: You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, when I met you. -Reid grabs Marina and carries her on her wheelchair.- I picked you out, I shook you up and turned you around, turned you into something new. 

-Marina faces Reid.-

Marina: Don´t?

Reid: Don´t you want me? 

-Marina turns away from Reid.-

Marina: I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, that much is true.  But even then I knew I´d find a much better place,either with or without you. 

-Reid stands by Marina, and they both dance, Marina trying to get away from him and then near him.-

Reid and Marina: Don´t You Want me baby? Don´t you want me oooooh Don´t You want me baby? Don´t You Want me ooooh?

-Chace and Jayden.-


Zach: Okay guys! You don´t have any coreopgraphy on your music video, still, I want you to practising singing and relating to each other.

Confession cam, Chace: So, me and Jayden got really intimate. I really don´t know if I really like him yet. 

Confession cam, Jayden: I can tell Chace is kinda uncomfortable with the whole situation... I´m kinda feeling uncomfortable. I don´t know what to think now about our kiss during sexuality.

Zach: Okay, guys. Just try to let yourselves go.

Confession cam, Zach: I can tell there´s some tension or something holding them back. That´s not good.


Confession cam, Nikki: This song is very sad an emotional, it´s a pretty tough song.

Chace and Jayden: I want you to stay...

Nikki: Awesome! Good work!

Confession cam, Nikki: I can tell they did good. There´s something there between them.


-Chace and Jayden stand on a set of a small apartment.-

Erik: So, guys. Your song is very emotional, but, maybe your video is even more emotional. You both will be on the same apartment, Jayden´s apartment. After a big fight, Chace is packing his things and leaving. You both have a great feeling of longiness. 

Confession cam, Jayden: This music video will be the harshest one yet. The video is so emotional, and I really don´t know what´s going on between me and Chace.

-Chace and Jayden are on the apartment.-

Robert: Something´s not fitting right between them.

Zach: I know. They´re both very weird.

Erik: Cut!

Chace: Erik, can Jayden and I talk alone a little bit?

Erik: Sure, make it quick.

-Chace and Jayden walk out of the set into a hallway.-

Chace: Jayden, something´s not right.

Jayden: I know... I know what you mean. 

Chace: Jayden, do you think our kiss was real?

Jayden: It.... felt kinda real for me. I´m so confused right now. I don´t even know what I feel for you.

Chace: Then, let´s see.

-Chace softly kisses Jayden.-

Chace: Do you felt it was real?

Jayden: I... Yeah..

Chace: I felt it too. Now, let´s go out there and do it. 

-Chace and Jayden are back on set.-

Robert: They´re better now, but still, it feels something´s going on between them. Something weird, and I don´t know if it´s helping them with this song.


-Camera shows the outline of a small apartment. Broken dishes and clothes cover the floor. Jayden stands beside a huge window, staring outside. Chace is packing his things.-

Jayden: All along it was a fever.

Chace: A cold sweat hot-headed believer

-Jayden slowly walks away from the window.-

Jayden: Round and around and around we go

Chace: Oooh now tell me now tell me nown you know.

-Jayden walks towards Chace, and grabs his arm, impeding him from packing his stuff.-

Jayden: Not really sure how to feel about it, something in the way you move.

Chace: Makes me feel like I can´t live without you, it takes me all the way.

-Chace grabs his bag and walks to the door. He stops before opening it.-

Jayden: I want you to stay

Chace: Stay....

Jayden: I want you to stay, oooh oooh

-Chace leaves the apartment.-

-Roxi and Mikaela.-


Zach: You two! You two have a lot of choreography to get done this time! You will be on a cabaret on the 40s, and you two start fighting over each other with the song.

Confession cam, Roxi: I will

Confession cam, Mikaela: Bring the 

Confession cam, Roxi and Mikaela: B#tch down.

-Roxi and Mikaela do the steps with Zachs lead.-

Zach: Great job girls!


Confession cam, Nikki: The tone of this song is very difficult, and none of them are broadway singers, I think it will be difficult for them, but they can work it out.

Roxi and Mikaela: And all.... that.... Jaaaaaaaaz!

Nikki: YES! awesome girls! tensions in the air!


-Roxi and Mikaela, wearing wigs and 40s style clothes, are on the set of an old cabaret.-

Erik: Crazy time! You two will have FUN this time girls! I want you two to go against each other in this song.

-Roxi and Mikaela go over each other.-

Robert: They´re awesome! The tension´s great!

Nikki: Yeah, they´re doing great!

Erik: Cut! Great job girls!

Confession cam, Roxi: This was actually so fun! I feel like I won over her.

Confession cam, Mikaela: I loved it! And I was way much better than Roxi. 

-All that Jazz.-

-Roxi and Mikaela are dressed up as strippers in the 40s. They´re on a bar/cabaret, with people sitting on tables. Roxi takes the stage.-

Roxi: Come on babe? Why don´t we paint the town? And all that jazz

-Mikaela appears standing up on a table.-

Mikaela: I´m gonna rouge my knees and roll my stockings down. And all that jazz.

-Roxi walks out of the stage and stands up a table, strippers all round her.-

Roxi: Slick your hair, and wear your buckle shoes. And all that jazz.

-Mikaela gets down the table.-

Mikaela: I hear that Father Dipp is gonna blow the blues...and all that jazz!

-Roxi and Mikaela sing at each other as they walk on the stage.-

Roxi and Mikaela: Noooo, I´m no one´s wife, but, oooooooh, I love my life! And aaaaal that jaaaaaaaaz! That jazz!


-Audri and Cassidy.-


Zach: Yours is quite simple! It´s kinda like the one we saw on Glee. You both are singing it together, while you look yourselves at the mirror. But, you still have to practise singing together for the video.

-Audri and Cassidy practise.-

Zach: Great work!


Confession cam, Nikki: This song is really, really difficult. Both of them need to have their voices as high as possible in one part.

Audri and Cassidy: I feel pretty, I´m so pretty, but unpretty

Nikki: Mmmmh, one more time. This time, with more energy.

Confession cam, Nikki: Audri and Cassidy just need to relate more with each other. It seems as if they´re not even talking with each other, and each one of them is doing their own stuff. They have to work together on this.


-Audri and Cassidy stand on a set.-

Erik: Okay, so, here´s the part of the end when you two are together singing the song. You ready?

-Audri and Cassidy sing the song.-

Robert: Something´s not right here, it seems as if they´re barely taking into account each other. They´re not working as a team, as a pair.

Erik: Cut! Girls, remember you two are together on this, try to put on more energy and to stay together. Remember it.

Confession cam, Cassidy: I don´t really know what was wrong. Audri and I just didn´t talked that much. She´s just to upset about Dillion, she´s barely paying attention. I can´t relate with her.

Confession cam, Audri: I don´t like being with Cassidy. I feel as if she barely cares about me. I´m scare we´ll have to perform for Ryan.

-I feel Pretty/ Unpretty.-

-Audri is standing in front of a mirror.-

Audri: I wish I could tie you up on my shoes, make you feel unpretty too. 

-Cassidy is staring at pictures of herself.-

Cassidy: I was told I was beatiful, but what does that mean to you. 

-Audri keeps staring her reflection on the mirror, tears on her eyes.-

Audri: Look into the mirror, who´s inside there, it´s the girl in the long hair.

-Cassidy also stares her reflection on the mirror.-

Cassidy: Same old me again today heeeey 

-Audri and Cassidy are sitting in chairs, in front of each other.-

-Images of Cassidy staring at a magazine with models appear.-

Audri: I feel pretty

Cassidy: You can buy your hair if it won´t grow.

Audri: Oh so pretty.

Cassidy: You can fix your nose if he says so.

Audri: I feel pretty, and witty and bright. 

Cassidy: But if, you can´t look inside you

Audri: Find out who I am too.

Cassidy: Be in a position to make me feel so

Audri: Damn unpretty

Audri and Cassidy: I feel pretty, but unpretty.

-Reveal of the bottom 3.-

Robert: This week was all about pairabiliy. You had to be able to perform a duet, and relate to the other, letting go. That said, the pair who did the best duet, and is being called back first is....Roxi and Mikaela.

-Roxi and Mikaela both smile, and leave the stage.-

Confession cam, Roxi: First! Yes! Yes! I bet them all! I bet all the nerds!

Confession cam, Mikaela: Yeah baby! Mikaela´s called back first!

Robert: The next pair called back for next week is... Simon and Hermione.

Hermione: Oh my gosh!

Confession cam, Hermione: Yep! I´m so happy both Simon and I are called back!

-Simon and Hermione leave the stage.-

Robert: All of the pairs left had trouble this week. Chace and Jayden. Something wrong was going on between you, and it just didn´t ended up right, when it could have been awesome. You two needed to do much better.

Zach: Marina and Reid. You didn´t worked together. It was as if you didn´t sinchronize or related to each other, you both had to be a pair, and you weren´t. 

Nikki: And Audri and Cassidy, you two also needed to be a pair. You didn´t related to each other at all, you both were doing your own stuff, you weren´t a pair. 

Robert: All three pairs of you will perform for Ryan tonight. Ultimately he´ll choose a bottom 3, and then who gomes home. 

Nikki: You will perform duets, the pairs as they are. Chace and Jayden, your song is Happy Days/ Getting Happy.

Chace: No idea what that is, but okay!

Nikki: Marina and Reid, your song is Just Give me a Reason by Pink and Nate Ruess.

Marina: I love that song!

Nikki: Audri and Cassidy, your song is Landslide, by Fleetwood Mac.

Zach: Now go and get ready!

-Rehearsal room, Chace and Jayden.-

Chace and Jayden: Happy days are here again!

Confession cam, Chace: This is the first time I heard this song. Still, I´ll make sure Jayden and I both be together the next week.

Confession cam, Jayden: I love the fact that Chace and I are singing this song together. I think I love him.

-Rehearsal room, Marina and Reid.-

Marina and Reid: Just give me a reason...

Confession cam, Marina: I think that both Reid and I were stupid during the music video. Right now, we talked and we´re both determined to stay here.

-Rehearsall room, Audri and Cassidy.-

Audri and Cassidy: And I see your reflection...

Confession cam, Cassidy: I talked to Audri, and we both came to terms with each other. We both wanna stay here so much and will do our best.


-Ryan, Robert, Zach and Nikki take a seat.-

Robert: So, this week was pairability. These three pairs had trouble relating with each other and being a pair this week. 

Ryan: Okay, I see. Who´s first?

Robert: First out are Chace and Jayden. They were kinda good, but it took them a little, and they you just felt something was wrong between them, like tension. It wasn´t good. They were both cold towards each other at the beginning.

-Chace and Jayden enter the stage.-

Chace: Hi, I´m Chace.

Jayden: And I´m Jayden

Chace: And we´ll be singing a mashup of Get Happy 

Jayden: And Happy Days are here again

-Get Happy/ Happy Days are Here Again, Chace and Jayden.-

Chace: Forget your troubles

Jayden: Happy Days

Chace: Come on get happy

Jayden: Are here again

Chace: You better chase all your cares away

Jayden: The skies above are clear again

Chace: Shout hallelujah

Jayden: So let´s sing a song

Chace: Of cheer again. Happy times

Jayden: Happy Times

Chace; Happy Nights

Jayden: Happy Nights

Chace and Jayden: Both days are here again.

-Ryan and the mentors clap.-

Ryan: Oh my gosh! I loved it so much! 

Robert: Great job you guys!

Ryan: I could see all of the emotion you put into it, it was great! You now really were into each other! I loved it! 

Chace; Thanks

Ryan: Okay, you can go now.

-Chace and Jayden leave the stage.-

Robert: Next are Reid and Marina. They both behaved weird, and they couldn´t sinchronize with each other. And Reid din´t coped with Marina.

-Reid and Marina enter the stage.-

Marina: Hello, I´m Marina

Reid: And I´m Reid.

Marina: We´ll be singing Just Give me a Reason.

-Just give me A reason, Marina and Reid.-

Marina: Right from the start, you were a thief you stole my heart, and I was your victim. Just give me a reason, just a little bit´s enough, just a second we´re not broken and bent and we can learn to love again.

Reid: I´m sorry I don´t understand where all this is coming from. I thought we were fine.Your head is running while again, my dea we still have everything, and it´s all in your mind. 

Reid and Marina: Just give me a reason, just a little bit´s enoughm just a second we´re not broken and bent and we can learn to love again. Can learn to love again.

-Ryan and the mentors clap.-

Ryan: Very good. So, Reid, they told me you did not coped with Marina?

Reid: It was actually kinda difficult with Marina´s discapasability. I was really stupid.

Ryan: You both had trouble relating?

Marina: We´re great friends, and it was kinda difficult pretending we were in love.

Ryan: Okay, but you´ll have these challenges ll the time, and you canpt pull yourself down. You know that. You can go.

-Reid and Marina leave the stage.-

Robert: Now there´s Audri and Cassidy. They bothhad trouble relating to each other and were too distant.

-Audri and Cassidy enter the stage.-

Audri: I´m Audri

Cassidy: And I´m Cassidy. We´ll be singing

Audri: Landslide

-Landslide, Audri and Cassidy.-

Audri: I took my love, and I took it down.  I climbed a mountain and I turned around.

Cassidy: And I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills, well, the landslide brought me down.

Audri and Cassidy: Oh, mirror in the sky, what is love, can the child within my heart, rise above

Audri: Can I sail through the changing ocean tides

Cassidy: Can I handle the seasons of my life?

Audri and Cassidy: Uh  uh, uh uh, uh  uh

Audri: And if you see my reflection in the snow covered hills

Cassidy: Well maybe

Audri: Well maybe

Audri and Cassidy: The landslide´ll bring you down.

-Ryan and the mentors clap.-

Ryan: So, they told me both of you werenpt connecting with each other this week. I can clearly see that right now. Okay, you can go.

-Audri and Cassidy leave the stage.-

Ryan: I think I definitely know our bottom three. Let them come back.

-Chace, Jayden, Reid, Marina, Cassidy and Audri enter the stage.-

Ryan: You all had trouble this week, but, some of you convinced me should stay. Jayden, Marina, Chace. You are all called back for next week. 

-Jayden, Marina and Chace leave the stage, leaving Reid, Cassidy and Audri behind.-

Ryan: Reid. I think you weren´t to your usual level this week, where you could´ve done much better, and you just didn´t give your all. You know you´re amazing, show it to us. Audri and Cassidy, you both didn´t convinced me, there was something wrong in your performance, something missing, and you just needed to level it a little bit up. You can now go.

-Reid, Audri and Cassidy leave the stage.-

Ryan: I really don´t know what was wrong with Reid this week, it wasn´t him. I feel that he doesnpt believe in himself. And Audri and Cassidy both were weak. All three of them can be on Glee, but we need to make sure who of them inspires us enought o create a character. 

-Waiting room.-

Reid: I feel so bad of myself. I just don´t know what went wrong with me this week. Marina, I´m so sorry..

-Robert enters the room.-

Robert: Hey guys. Unfortunately, the list is up, so, go take a look.

-Reid, Audri and Cassidy are hugged by the contestants.-

Marina: Be back, Reid.

-Reid, Audri and Cassidy leave the room.-

-Reid walks down the hallway.-

Confession cam, Reid: This wasn´t me, and if I go home, this week, I would be very disapointed of myself.

-Audri walks down the hallway.-

Confession cam, Audri: I hate this. I just want to win so bad. I´m so afraid of loosing everything I´ve done now.

-Cassidy walks down the hallway.-

Confession cam, Cassidy: If I go home now, I go back to a life that sucks for me. I just want to stay. 

-Reid stares at the list.-

-Audri stares at the list.-

-Cassidy stares at the list.-


  • Roxi
  • Mikaela
  • Hermione
  • Simon
  • Jayden
  • Marina
  • Chace
  • Reid


  • Audri
  • Cassidy

​-Reid smiles, the slowly leaves.-

-Audri covers her face and cries.-

-Cassidy stares in disbelief.-

-The contestants come in to hug Audri and Cassidy.-

Roxi: I´ll miss you so much, girls.

Audri: It´s okay.

Confession cam, Audri: I just wanted my story to inspire people. I just hope it did inspired the world, as much as I´ve been inspired by the world. I now loose, but I´m not a looser. I´ve suffered many things on my life, and I keep on going.

Confession cam, Cassidy: This competition was more than I ever wanted. I leave here with a smile on my face. I learnt so much all the way, I´ve become a better person, I´ve met incredible people, this competition just made me stronger. 

-Audri and Cassidy leave the house.-

Cassidy: I love you guys.

-Keep Holding On, Audri and Cassidy.-

Audri and Cassidy:

There's nothing you can say (Nothing you can say), nothing you can do (Nothing you can do) There's no other way when it comes to the truth (When it comes to the truth)



Keep holding on (holding on)

'Cause you know I'll make it through, I'll make it through

-On the next Project: Glee.-

Narrator: Get ready for Theatricality! And get ready for the revelation of the season!

Chace: Tell me. Do you love me?

Jayden: I...

Roxi: I have to admit something...


  • This is the third episode with a double elimination, and the second one on season two. 
  • It is the first double elimination with two girls.
  • Season one contestants, Lyla Rowen and Alexandria Harvard return.
  • Much like its season one counterpart, the homework assingment winners were female. 
  • As of this episode, every contestant has performed in front of Ryan Murphy except for Hermione Horan.( Chace Hutchinson, performed for Ryan Murphy but wasn´t on the bottom 3)
  • The episode featured 10 songs, the most number of songs this season. ( 8 out of the 10 songs have been performed by Glee already, while 2 haven´t)
  • It is the longest episode on Project Glee´s history. 
  • The two eliminated contestants were the toughest elimination Amhs has done during season two.