Season One, Episode Five
Air date September 2, 2012
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Pairability is the fifth episode on the first season of Project: Glee in which fourteen young hopefuls compete for a role on Glee. This is a fan-fic competition based off the hit show The Glee Project.

  • Guest mentor: Darren Criss
  • Homework assignment: No Air
  • Music Videos: "River Deep, Mountain High"- Lyla and Alexandria, "Perfect" Emily and Drew, " Defying Gravity" Brandon and Ryan, " Another One Bites the Dust"-Joy and Taylen, "I Love the Way You Lie"-Andi and Connor
  • Homework assignment winner: Lyla Rowen
  • Eliminated: Connor Mathews


-Connor and Andi are talking on the sofas-

Connor: Joy talked with me today. She said she´s coming back to old Joy, she realised she didn´t liked new Joy, thought it wasn´t her.

-Andi smiles-

Connor: I´m so sorry. I didn´t kissed Joy, she came and kissed me. The only girl I love is you, you know it.

Andi: I know you didn´t. It was new Joy. I love you.

-Connor and Andi kissed-

Confession cam-Andi: So Connor begun telling me Joy´s old Joy again and that he loved me, etc. and I know he didn´t kissed Joy. I know Connor, and, after thinking it, I forgive him.

Andi: I forgive you.

-Robert steps in-

Andi: Robert´s here.

-The contenders gather up in the sofas-

Robert: Hey guys! What a strong week we´ve had! It´s time to have intimacy and chemistry one another. Get ready ´cause this week is... Pairability!

Lyla: Yes! I knew it!

-Confession cam-Lyla: Pairability! I´ve been waiting for this week! I really can do duets and relate with another!

-Confession cam- Connor: Pairability. It´s not easy for me to do duets, but, I´ll do my best.

-Confession cam-Joy: Old Joy again! I´ll try to do my best being originall me!

Robert: Your homework assingment is... No Air by Jodin Sparks and Chris Brown!

Alexandria: Awesome!

Robert: Tomorrow you´ll perform No Air for me and a very special mentor from Glee, who knows all about duets. Here you have the lyrics, divided in 10, split them between you and prepare choreography.

-Robert gives the lines to the contenders and leaves the room-

Lyla: Okay, lets form pairs!

Confession cam-Lyla: Now that Emma´s gone, I decided to take the lead. I love being in charge.

Lyla: Look at who you want to be with.

- Ryan and Drew look at each other, Connor and Andi look at each other, Emily looks at Brandon, Lyla and Alexandria look at each other, and Joy and Taylen look at each other.-

Confession cam- Taylen: I get to be with Joy. I´m so sad new Joy´s gone, we would have killed it together. But it´s still Joy, and, even tough I don´t like relating to much with these idiots, I´ll do my best to win.

- Homework Assingment, choir room-

Robert: So you guys ready? You better be, ´cause you´ll really want to impress this mentor. He´s the one with most chemistry on Glee. It´s...

-Daren Criss enters the room-

Robert: Darren Criss!

-Contenders shout and cheer-

Confession cam- Ryan: Darren Criss! He´s so inspirational! And yeah, his character is great and he´s great doing duets!

Darren: Hey guys! It´s great to see you! So, Pairability is being able to have chemistry and relate to the one whom you are singing with. You gotta have confidence, trust and coordination with one another.

Robert: So the guy´s been working on No Air.

Darren: Love that song! Let´s see it!

- Contenders sit in pairs, lights fade out-

- The pairs are: Drew and Ryan, Connor and Andi, Emily and Brandon, Lyla and Alexandria, Joy and Taylen.

-Lights fade out-

-No Air-

Joy: Tell me how I´m supposed to breath with no air. If I should die before I wake, It´s cause you took my breath away, losing you is like living in a world with no air.

Taylen: I´m here alone, didn´t wanna leave, my heart won´t move, it´s incomplete, wish there was a way that I could make you understand.

Alexandria: Tell me how I´m supposed to breathe with no air, It´s how I feel whenever you ain´t there, it´s no air, no air.

Lyla: Got me out here in the water so deep, tell me how you gonna be without me, If you ain´t here I just can´t breathe, it´s no air no air.

Connor: I walked, I runed, I jumped, I flew, right off the ground to float to you, there´s no gravity to hold me down for real.

Andi: But somehow, I´m still alive inside, you took my breath, but I survived, I don´t know how but I don´t even care.

Ryan:So how, do you expect me, to live alone with just me, ´cause my world revolves around you, it´s so hard for me to breathe.

Drew: No air, air, No air, air, No air, air, No air, air, No more, It´s no air, no air.

Brandon: Tell me how I´m supposed to live with no air, can´t live, can´t breathe with no air, It´s how I feel whenever you ain´t there, It´s no air, no air

Emily: Got me out here in the water so deep, tell me how you gonna be without me, If you ain´t here I just can´t breathe, It´s no air, no air

-Robert and Darren smile and clap-

Darren: That was great guys. Really, it was great. Connor and Andi, you seem to have chemistry, but I could see you weren´t coordinated and having chemistry with each other, you gotta work that out. The rest were great! Joy and Taylen, you´re two staright girls and you had a lot of chemistry! It was great to see you two together. Lyla and Alexandria, you both were also great together. I mean, I couldn´t stop starring at you two, you had a lot of chemistry between each other, it was really believable, and you make a great duo. Ryan and Drew, you were so belivable! I could see you had confidence and coordination between each other! You make a really great couple. Brandon and Emily, you two sounded great! Both of your voices are awesome and you had a lot of trust! Brandon, you´re gay man, and your acting was great! You could really relate to Emily.

Robert: So Darren, who do you pick as the winner?

Darren: Gosh! You were all great! But in the end I pick....-camera flashes between Joy, Taylen, Lyla, Alexandria, Ryan, Drew, Brandon and Emily.-... Lyla!

-Lyla smiles and laughs-

Lyla: Thank you so much!

Confession cam-Lyla: Yes! Darren Criss picked me as the winner! It feels so good!

Confession cam-Taylen: That stupid little bi was chosen as the winner! She doesn´t deserve anything! Darren Criss can´t see talent.

Robert: So, Lyla that means you´ll have a one on one mentoring session with Darren Criss, and you get to chose your pair for the music video.

Lyla: I choose... Alexandria! You said we sounded great together, and that we have chemistry and make a good duo!

Darren: Great! You´ll be singing River Deep Mountain High by Ike and Tina Turner.

Alexandria: WOW! I love it!

Lyla: Yes!

- Alexandria and Lyla high five-

Darren: Let´s form the rest. Connor and Andi, you´ll be together.

Connor. Great!

-Andi smiles-

Darren: I think you two can be a great duo if you work out coordination. Your sing is I Love the Way You Lie by Eminem feat. Rhianna.

Connor. YES!

-Confession cam, Connor: I Love that Song! I´ll really try to coordinate with Andi.

Darren: Taylen and Joy.

-Taylen and Joy smile-

Darren: You two were great, and you will make an incredible duo. You´ll perform Another One Bites The Dust by Queen.

Taylen: Great!

Confession cam- Taylen: I get paired with Joy again. We´ll be singing another one bites the dust. I love that song, I can make anybody bite the dust! I just hope Joy doesn´t take me to the bottom.

Confession cam-Joy: I´m with Taylen again. I hope we can work it out together and that she doesn´t try to do any of her bitchy things to me.

Darren: Ryan and Brandon.

- Ryan and Brandon smile-

Darren: You two will do a great duo together. You can really do a great performance. Your song is Defying Gravity by Wicked.

- Ryan and Brandon smile again-

Confession cam, Ryan: I´m paired with Brandon. I really wanted to be with Drew. We´ll sing Defying Gravity, I think both of our voices will sound great and it will be like a duel.

Darren: That leaves Emily and Drew. I could tell you two have something in common and I think you would make a great duet. Your song is Perfect by P!nk.

Emily: I love that song!

Confession cam, Emily: I´m with Drew. Darren said our we had something in common and that may be our difficult past. I love Perfect and I´ll do my best!

Robert: So you´ll be preparing each of the videos separately. Good luck guys!

Darren: You´re all amazing!

-Robert and Darren walk out of the room-

- Lyla and Alexandria, choreography-

Zach: Hey!

Alexandria: Hi!

Zach: In the video. you´ll be singing the song in a stage and you need to dance a lot!

Lyla: Great!

Zach: So, in, out, left, ba, bu, in, out. That was great!

- Lyla and Alexandria, vocals with Nikki-

Lyla and Alexandria: And do I love you, my oh my,yeah, river deep, mountain high, If I lost you would I cry, oh how I love you baby, baby, baby, baby.

Nikki: That was great! You two sound great together!

- Lyla and Alexandria, video shoot-

Erik: Lyla and Alexandria! You two will have to kill the stage.

Lyla and Alexandria: Yeah!

Erik: Okay, you walk out of the stage and do Zach´s moves.

-Lyla and Alexandria do the moves-

Robert: They´re great!

Nikki: Yeah, they´re killing it, you can´t stop staring at them.

Erik: Cut! that was amazing!

River Deep Mountain High

- Lyla and Alexandria (wearing red dresses) are singing in a stage-

Alexandria: When I was a little girl

I had a rag doll Only doll I've ever owned Now I love you just the way I loved that rag doll But only now my love has grown

'Lyla:''' And it gets stronger, in every way And it gets deeper, let me say And it gets higher, day by day

Lyla and Alexandria:

And do I love you my oh my Yeh river deep mountain high If I lost you would I cry Oh how I love you baby, baby, baby, baby

-Andi and Connor, choreography

Zach: So you two will be a couple in problems. Connor is the bad boyfriend and Andi will be suffering. You won´t dance. I want to see Andi in a couch and Connor drunk.

-Andi sits in a couch and Connor pretends to be drunk, they lip sinc the song.

Zach: You two weren´t relating completely, try again.

-Andi and Connor, vocals.

Connor: I.. can´t tell... you what... it....

nikki: Stop! Connor, you´re like i.. can´t... try not to breathe.

Connor: Okay.

- After many takes, Connor makes it-

-Andi and Connor, video shoot-

Erik: Andi, you´ll be all depressed on the couch, and Connor, you´ll be all drunk and sing agressively to Andi.

-Connor gets close to Andi, but...

Erik: Cut! You two need more chemistry, you are too disconnected.

Confession cam, Andi: Erik feels we´re disconnected. It´s just that it´s difficult for me to sing that song with Connor, and pretend that he´s a bad boyfriend.

Robert: They are together, but, for some reason, it seems they don´t have any chemistry.

-Love the Way You Lie-

-Andi´s sitting on a couch, Connor´s drunk.

- Andi: Just gonna stand there and watch me burn Well that’s alright because I like the way it hurts Just gonna stand there and hear me cry Well that’s alright because I love the way you lie I love the way you lie

-Connor goes towards Andi-

Connor: I can’t tell you what it really is I can only tell you what it feels like And right now there’s a steel knife in my windpipe I can’t breathe but I still fight while I can fight As long as the wrong feels right it’s like I’m in flight High off of love, drunk from my hate Its like I’m huffing paint

Andi: I love the Way you lie, I love the way you lie.

- Joy and Taylen, choreography-

Zach: Hey! So you two will be having a catfight!

-Taylen smiles-

Confession cam, Joy: Agh, I´m having a catfight wit Taylen.

Zach: You´ll be at high school and you´ll start fighting on class.

Taylen: Great!

Zach: Yeah, you just gotta be you!

- Taylen and Joy fight singing-

Zach: Again! You aren´t having any coordination!

- Joy and Taylen, vocals-

Joy and Taylen: Another One Bites the Dust, Another One Bites the Dust, and another one gone, another one gone...

Nikki: Stop! You aren´t having any coordination between each other, Taylen, you are singing too high.

Taylen: Maybe Joy´s singing too low.

Confession cam, Joy: Taylen was singing to high, but she attacked me saying I was singing low! She can´t accept she does something wrong!

Confession cam, Taylen: Joy was singing way too low! I mean, gosh, nobody can sing that low!

-After many takes, they manage to coordinate-

Joy and Taylen, video shoot-

Erik: Girls! This will be a catfght! Just follow the song and fight between yourselves.

- Joy and Taylen face each other face to face, pushing each other, they turn around each other-

Erik: Cut! You are having no coordination between yourselves, do it again!

Zach: I feel Taylen´s giving her best, but Joy isn´t pushing herself like last week.

Robert: Yeah, and they aren´t coordinating at all.

Taylen: Erik, it´s Joy, she can´t sing a duet with me.

Erik: What? Why?

-Taylen smiles-

Taylen: We all know Joy isn´t in the same level as I am.

Robert: Taylen thinks she´s unstopable!

Confession cam, Taylen: Joy wasn´t coordinated with me as I was coordinating with her. I know that I´ll be in the bottom because of her. She is so stupid.

-After another take, they manage to do it-

-Another One Bites the Dust-

-Joy and Taylen are alone in a class, they´re sitting on desks.

Taylen pops a gum. Joy and Taylen stare at each other-

-Joy gets up her desk and sings to Taylen-

Joy: Steve walks warily down the street, With the brim pulled way down low Ain't no sound but the sound of his feet, Machine guns ready to go

-Taylen stands up and attacks Joy-

Taylen: Are you ready, Are you ready for this Are you hanging on the edge of your seat Out of the doorway the bullets rip To the sound of the beat

-Joy and Taylen attack each other-

Joy and Taylen: Another one bites the dust Another one bites the dust And another one gone, and another one gone Another one bites the dust Hey, I'm gonna get you too Another one bites the dust

-Ryan and Brandon, choreography-

Zach: What´s up guys? Your performance will be something like a duel. You´ll be singing the song on a stage, competing.

Ryan: Cool.

Confession cam, Ryan: So, I´m not with Drew on the video, but I won´t let that stop me. I´ll do my best, and duel against Brandon!

Confession cam, Brandon: I´m with Ryan. I´ll try to overpower Ryan with my voice. I just don´t like Ryan that much. He´s with Drew, and I love Drew. I want Drew for me, not for Ryan

. - Ryan and Brandon pretend they´re on a stage, and move between each other-

Zach: That was great! It really seemed you were competing!

-Ryan and Brandon, vocals-

Brandon and Ryan: It´s time to try defying gravity, I think I´ll try defying gravity, kiss me goodbye, I´m defying gravity, and you won´t bring me down! bring me down! ohh ohhh

Nikki: That was amazing! You´re voice make me be on heaven! You do have coordinaton, great job!

-Ryan and Brandon, video shoot-

Erik: You two will be performing this song on the stage, competing against each other! lets see what you got!

-Brandon and Ryan sing on a stage, competing against each other, and turning around against each other.

- Erik: Cut! That was great!

Robert: They have a lot of coordination between each other. It was great!

-Defying Gravity-

-Ryan and Brandon are on a stage-

Brandon: Something has changed within me 'Something is not the same I'm through with playing by the rules Of someone else's game

-Ryan faces Brandon-


Too late for second-guessing Too late to go back to sleep It's time to trust my instincts Close my eyes: and leap!

-Ryan and Brandon face each other-

Ryan and Brandon:

I'd sooner buy Defying gravity Kiss me goodbye I'm defying gravity I think I'll try Defying gravity And never bring me down! bring me down! ohh ohhh ohhhh!

- Emily and Drew, coreography-

Zach: Hey! Emily and Drew! Your performance will have to be vulnerable. Drew, you will be hurt about being abused by your father, and Emily, you will comfort him. You will be on high school.

Emily: Love it!

Confession cam, Emily: I´ll comfort Drew! That´s so sweet!

Confession cam, Drew: So I´ll be hurt and Emily will comfort me. This is cool, but I don´t feel so much comfortable with Emily, it would be better if I were with Ryan.

Zach: Let´s practice!

-Drew is depressed and Emily comforts him-

Zach: Do it again! I could see you weren´t relating between each other!

Emily and Drew, vocals-

Drew: Made a wrong turn, once or twice...

Nikki: Drew, I can see you aren´t feeling confident, do it again.

-Drew does it again and gets it right-

Drew and Emily, video shoot-

Erik: Drew, you´ll be alone, depressed in class, and Emily, you´ll go and comfort him. Let´s give it a try!

-Emily is comforting Drew, Drew backs up-

Erik: Cut! Drew you need to have more confidence, Emily, try relate more with Drew.

Robert: Drew doesn´t seems confident.

Zach: Yeah, and I think Emily needs to do it simplier.

-After many takes, they get it-


- Drew´s sitting alone on a classroom, Emily comes towards him-


Made a wrong turn, Once or twice Dug my way out, Blood and fire Bad decisions, That's alright Welcome to my silly life

Mistreated, misplaced, misunderstood Miss "no way, it's all good", It didn't slow me down Mistaken, Always second guessing Under estimated, Look, I'm still around

-Emily looks at Drew, holds his hand, and sings-


Pretty, pretty please Don't you ever, ever feel Like your less than Fuckin' perfect. Pretty, pretty please If you ever, ever feel Like your nothing You're fuckin' perfect to me.

-Emily hugs Drew-

- Reveal of bottom 3-

-Robert, Nikki and Zach stand in front of the contenders on the auditorium stage-

Robert: This week was all about pairability, doing duets. You needed to have chemistry, confidence, and relate to your partner. Saying this, Lyla, you´re first on the callback list, congratulations.

-Lyla smiles-

Lyla: Thank you! Good luck guys!

Confession cam-Lyla: First called back! I´m so happy with myself right now!

Robert: Alexandria, Ryan, Brandon. You all did a great work this week, you´re all called back.

-Ryan hugs Drew-

Ryan( hugging Drew): Good luck, I love you.

-Andi, Drew, Connor, Joy, Taylen and Emily are left on stage-

Robert: All of you struggled this week. Andi and Connor, Darren said you weren´t coordinated. You continued being like this all week long.

Nikki: Joy and Taylen, you weren´t coordinated at the booth, you didn´t coordinated at the video shoot either, you were very different.

-Taylen rolls her eyes-

Taylen (whispering): Joy wasn´t reaching my level.

Zach: Emily and Drew, you needed to be more related during choreography, Drew you weren´t having confidence at all during the shoot, and Emily, you needed to be more simple. It seemed as if you weren´t relating.

Robert: As this week is pairability, you´ll perform duets in front of Ryan, and he will decide who will be the bottom 3.

-Taylen opens her mouth-

Confession cam, Taylen: We are doing duets for Ryan! I mean, I will be doing this duet because of Joy! She is so stupid!

Nikki: Andi and Connor, you´ll be singing Stereo Hearts by Adam Levine feat. Gym Class Heroes.

Connor: great!

Nikki: Joy and Taylen, you´ll be singing Give it 2 Me by Madonna.

Taylen: Awesome! I´ll kill it!

Joy: Cool!

Nikki: Emily and Drew, you´ll be singing Lucky by Jason Mraz

Emily: Love it!

-Drew nodes-

Zach: Go! practice!

-rehearsal room, Andi and Connor:

Andi: My heart´s a stereo....

Confession cam, Andi: I´m so nervous. I´m performing with Connor, which makes me feel secure, I´ll try to coordinate with him as much as possible.

Connor: I was just another dusty...

Confession cam, Connor: I´m so nervous, I´m with Andi and I don´t want any of us to go.

-rehearsal room, Joy and Taylen-

Joy: Got no boundaries and no limits....

Confession cam, Joy: I´m so nervous. I´m performing with Taylen and she crticises everything I do.

Taylen: Give it to me, yeah....

Confession cam, Taylen: It feels so bad being her for something that wasn´t your fault. I hope Joy doesn´t ruins the duet. Hopefully Ryan will see I´m much better than she is and call me back.

-rehearsal room, Emily and Drew-

Emily: Boy I hear you, in my dreams...

Confession cam, Emily: It´s the first time I perform for Ryan. I hope he doesn´t gets a first bad impression on me.

Drew: Do you hear me, I´m talking to you...

Confession cam, Drew: I want have confidence towards Emily. I really don´t want to go home.

- Auditorium-

-Nikki, Robert, Zach and Ryan enter the room-

Robert: This week was Pairability. We paired the contenders and they did duets. There were 5 music videos. All of these 3 pairs had problems with the duets. First are Andi and Connor. They´re in love, they have a lot of chemistry, but they couldn´t coordinate.

Ryan: Take them out.

-Andi and Connor enter the stage-

Andi: Hi, I´m Andrea Ray Green

Connor: And I´m Connor Mathews, and we´ll be singing Stereo Hearts

-Stereo Hearts-


My heart's a stereo It beats for you, so listen close Hear my thoughts in every no-o-o-te Make me your radio And turn me up when you feel low This melody was meant for you Just sing along to my stereo


If I was just another dusty record on the shelf Would you blow me off and play me like everybody else? If I asked you to scratch my back, could you manage that? Like yea fucked up, check it Travie, I can handle that Furthermore, I apologize for any skipping tracks It's just the last girl that played me left a couple cracks I used to, used to, used to, now I'm over that 'Cause holding grudges over love is ancient artifacts

Andi and Connor:

My heart's a stereo It beats for you, so listen close Hear my thoughts in every no-o-o-te Make me your radio And turn me up when you feel low This melody was meant for you Just sing along to my stereo

Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh to my stereo Oh oh oh oh so sing along to my stereo

-Judges clap-

Ryan: I could see you have a coordination problem during the chorus. You did great in your solos, but the chorus was not coordinated at all. You are boyfriends, I don´t know why you can´t coordinate.

Andi: Yeah, it´s just that its difficult for us to coordinate at the same time. We´ll work on it.

Ryan: Okay, you can go.

-Andi and Connor leave the stage-

Robert: Next is Joy and Taylen. They seem great toghether, but Taylen was over the top and Joy was on the bottom.

-Joy and Taylen enter the stage-

Joy: Hi! I´m Joy Lexington

Taylen: And I´m the lovely Taylen Renee Parker, and we´ll be singing Give it 2 Me by Madonna.

-Give it 2 Me-


What are you waiting for? Nobody's gonna show you how Why work for someone else To do what you can do right now?


Got no boundaries and no limits If there's excitement, put me in it If it's against the law, arrest me If you can handle it, undress me

Joy and Taylen:

Give it to me, yeah No one's gonna show me how Give it to me, yeah No one's gonna stop me now

-The judges clap-

Ryan: Tell me why you´re here.

Joy: Well, this wee...

Taylen: Joy couldn´t reach my level at the music video. She´s the reason why I´m here.

-Ryan laughs-

Joy: Taylen was just over the top, it was obvious why I couldn´t coordinate with her! She kept insulting me all time!

Ryan: You have a work problem. None of you is better than the other. Remember that. You can go.

-Joy and Taylen leave the stage-

Robert: Next are Drew and Emily. Drew didn´t had any confidence towards Emily during the shoot and Emily needed to keep it simplier.

-Drew and Emily enter the stage.-

Drew: Hi I´m Drew Little

Emily: And I´m Emily VanCamp. We´ll be singing...

Drew: Lucky, by Jason Mraz

Emily: Feat. Colbie Calliat



Do you hear me, I'm talking to you Across the water across the deep blue ocean Under the open sky, oh my, baby I'm trying


Boy I hear you in my dreams I feel your whisper across the sea I keep you with me in my heart You make it easier when life gets hard

Emily and Drew:

I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend Lucky to have been where I have been Lucky to be coming home again Ooohh ooooh oooh oooh ooh ooh ooh ooh

-Judges clap-

Ryan: Very good! That was so sweet!Emily, you were great, Drew, I could see you weren´t having confidence. Tell me why.

Drew: It´s just that it´s not easy for me having confidence with another person. I´m trying to work it out.

Ryan: Okay, do try, and both of you remember this is a competition so, just give up a little bit.

-Drew and Emily leave the stage-

Ryan: They were all good. But we have to pick 3. I think this 3 were the ones that gave their less this week. Call them back.

-Andi, Connor, Joy, Taylen, Drew and Emily enter the stage.-

Ryan: You´re all great, but it´s the point of the competition where all of you are great. Emily, Taylen and Andi, you are called back for next week.

Andi: Thank god!

-Andi hugs Connor-

Andi: I love you.

Confession cam, Taylen: The bitch isn´t going! Joy, you couldn´t bring me down! I know I killed it!

Emily: Good luck guys!

-Emily, Taylen and Andi leave the stage-

Ryan: I felt you three were the ones that had the less confidence and coordination this week. Connor, I saw you were disconnected to the song and you could give much more, you needed more coordination. Drew, you didn´t had any confidence, something that has been developing for a while, you need to step it up. Joy, I allways see you can give much more, but there´s something that stops you. You can all go.

- Connor, Drew and Joy leave the stage.-

Ryan: I think that Connor can improve and he´s really interesting. I love Drew, he´s so sweet, and he would be a great character, he only needs more energy. Joy´s incredible, she´s really interesting, and I feel she can change.

Zach: It´s hard.

Ryan: Yeah, it´s the hardest bottom 3 ever! In the end, I think this has to go.

Nikki: Yeah.

-Waiting room-

-Robert enters the waiting room-

Robert: Hey guys, unfortunatelly the list is up, so, go take a look.

-The contenders hug Drew, Connor and Joy-

Ryan (to Drew): I love you.

Andi (to Connor): Good luck.

- Connor, Drew and Joy leave the room-

- Connor walkes down the hallway-

Confession cam, Connor: I feel I´m gonna go, even tough I don´t want to, I feel it, I hope Ryan doesn´t think the same.

-Drew walkes down the hallway-

Confession cam, Drew: I really want to stay, I don´t want to leave my dreams, I don´t want to leave Ryan, I can change.

-Joy walkes down the hallway-

Confession cam, Joy: I´m so nervous right now. I feel I can give much more to Ryan, and I hope he sees that.

-Connor looks at the list-

- Drew looks the list-

-Joy looks the list-

-Drew smiles-

Drew: Yeah!

Called Back
Not Called Back

Joy: Yes!

-Connor cries-

Confession cam, Connor: I feel so bad, but I know I´m leaving with an incredible girlfriend and an incredible expience that I will not forget.

-Contenders gather around Connor-

Andi (crying): I love you, I won´t forget you.

Connor: You´ll win this thing, I know you will.

Andi: I´ll win it for you.

-Connor and Andi kiss-

Keep Holding On, Connor


There's nothing you can say (Nothing you can say), nothing you can do (Nothing you can do) There's no other way when it comes to the truth (When it comes to the truth)



Keep holding on (holding on)

'Cause you know I'll make it through, I'll make it through


*Everyone but Drew, Andi, and Lyla are sitting on the roof*

Drew: *Walks outside and introduces them*


Andi & Lyla: *Runs out to the porch wearing fire hats and overalls and capes*



Lyla: JUST LIKE THAT TAYLEN! WERE HERE TO PUT OUT THAT FIRE Lyla & Andi: *Gets hose, both spray her*

Lyla & Andi: *Run around and around and then go out making whoosh noises*


*Everyone but Andi, and Lyla are sitting on the roof*

Everyone: *Random Mummbling heard*

Andi: *Comes out wearing boxers, a sports bra, and neon purple leggings and capes*

Lyla: *Comes out right behind her, wearing boxers, a sports bra, and hot pink leggings and capes*


Connor: Are those my boxers????






Lyla & Andi: *Run around yelling random things and then out the door*

Taylen: *Eye roll*

Narrator: On the next Project: Glee. Get ready for Performability, the contenders will have to do a music video like a performance on Nationals!

?: It´s so hard dancing and everything at the same time.

Andi: Connor´s gone, so now I´ll give it all and concentrate more and win this thing for him.


No Air by Jordin Sparks feat. Chris Brown. Sung by Project:Glee contenders

River Deep, Mountain High by Ike and Tina Turner. Sung by Lyla and Alexandria

I love the Way You Lie by Eminem feat. Rhianna. Sung by Andi and Connor

Another One Bites the Dust by Queen. Sung by Joy and Taylen

Defying Gravity by Wicked. Sung by Brandon and Ryan

Perfect by P!nk. Sung by Drew and Emily

Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes feat. Adam Levine. Sung by Andi and Connor

Give it 2 Me by Madonna. Sung by Joy and Taylen

Lucky by Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Calliat. Sung by Drew and Emily

Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne. Sung by Connor and Poject: Glee contenders


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