Loser Like Me


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Project: Glee Contenders?



Loser Like Me is featured in the tenth episode of the first season of Project: Glee, Actability . It was originally sung by Glee. It was sung by the five remaining contenders of season one of Project: Glee as their tenth competitive music video.


-Loser Like Me-

From the creatores of Project: Glee-

-Taylen, Ryan, the cheerleaders are having lunch, and observe Brandon and Andi.-

Taylen: Look at those two loosers.

Ryan: Fag and freaky.

-Taylen laughs.-

Comes a story of friends, bullying, aceptance and friendship

-Brandon is storing his books on his locker, which is full with images of Broadway. Ryan passes by, pulls him, and throws his books to the ground.-

Ryan: Fag!

(background music-Brandon): Yeah you may think that I´m a zero

-Andi walks happily down the hallway, listening to rock music with her headphones and moving her head.-

Taylen: Hey! Freaky girl!

(Background music-Andi): You may think that I´m a freak show, but hey give it just a little time, I bet you´re gonna change you´re mind.

-Andi and Brandon are picking up the books, and are approached by Emily.-

Emily: Hey guys! Taylen?

Andi: Em, are you okay, you seem a little...

Emily: Yeah, I´m fine!

- Emily´s examining her preagnancy test, which is possitive, a tear fells down her face. She quits the toilet and washes her hands, she is approached by Taylen.-

Taylen: Hey! happy clown, wait, what´s that?

-Emily hides the test and smiles.-

Emily: Nothing!

-Taylen approaches Emily and takes her test away. She laughs.-

Taylen: Wait till the whole school finds out wholy virgin Emily´s preagnant!

-Emily cies.-

Emily: Please... it´s it´s.. my father

-Taylen smiles and leaves the room. Emily fells to the ground, and cries harder.-

(background music-Emily): Just go ahead and hate on me and run your mouth, so everyone can hear...

- Taylen stands in front of the school during lunch.-

Taylen: Everyone! You all should know that cheerful, childish Emily VanCamp´s preagnant! With her father´s baby!

- Emily runs out of the lunch room, while everyone whispers about her.-

-Andi and Brandon follow her.-

-Emily´s crying and they hug her.-

Andi: Em, we´ll always here for you, don´t listen to that bitch!

Brandon: Look, there´s auditions for glee club, you could join us, we will all support you there.

-Emily smiles.-

-Brandon, Andi and Emily are seen doing a number on the auditorium, looser like me.-

Brandon, Andi, Emily: Keep it up, and soon enough you´ll figure out, you wanna be, you wanna be, a looser like me

-Taylen and Ryan observe them.-

-Scene switches, and Taylen is seen crying.-

Taylen: What I did to that girl..... now... the whole school hates me for spreading the rumor.... I really shouldn´t have done it.... I...I feel so bad....the truth is....

Ryan: Maybe the best thing for us is to join the glee club.

Taylen: You know what? I always liked singing, but I would never say it beacause I was afraid of loosing my popularity, but, amybe it´s time to do what I really like.

-Scene switches and Ryan is seen talking to Brandon.-

Ryan: The reason I bullied you was really beacause..... I was, just jealous of you, you´re gay and you´re not afraid to show who you are..... I still can´t..

Brandon: It´s okay, Ryan

Ryan: I´m so sorry.

Brandon: Hey, I understand you, I reallly do.

Ryan: I was thinking.. maybe I could join glee club?

(Background music-Ryan): Just go ahead and hate on me and run your mouth, so everyone can hear

-Scene switches, and Ryan and Taylen watch the performance at the auditorium and join them.-

(Background music.all): you wanna be, you wanna be, a looser like, a looser like me.

-The performanc ends and Taylen hugs Emily.-

(Background music-Emily): A loser like me