• FinchelWemma

    Hey guys,

    I am back again. And now I want to tell you something about last week.

    Last week was heavy. Even for Audri. She must go on without Dillion. We all tried to calm down. But Mikaela and Roxi didn't help with it. The two of them were so cold to her. They knew how it feels to lose someone but to show it... I really hate the two of them. I really hate them.

    So... as every week Robert came in and told us the theme of this week. It was Pairability. Something I don't like. But I will try to give my best. I don't want to go home. It isn't the time for me right now. Our song for the assignment was "Mine" by Taylor Swift. I gosh... I love that song so much. Robert told us that we can choose our pairs and that we should remember that if one scre…

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  • FinchelWemma

    Hey guys out there,

    I thought I surprise you with a little special because today is a special day for me. It is my 21st birthday. Yeah! I know. I am old but who cares. I am still alive.

    So. Why do I do this? Hmm... I would like to show you what my family sent me to the house. Because of the Project: Glee I can't travel home to celebrate my birthday there. But I am not sad about it. I got very great presents from them. But the biggest present from all was the present which I got from my little sister. It was a simple letter with a DVD. On the DVD there was da video. A video in where my parents and my sister wish me good luck for the competition and that they know that I have the power and strength to win it. I was so proud of the video that I…

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  • FinchelWemma

    Hey guys,

    it is the next week and I hope you are wishing me good luck and are still crossing the fingers for me. And last week was heavy. I was in the bottom for the first time and in the end it was Bree who was sent home. Our light in this group and in this whole competition. We all miss her so much. There is a big hole in the group but this is what make us strong and let us grow together. I was sitting with the other girls in the girl room. We  were talking about which theme would come next. I hope a theme that I can relay to. I don't want to be in the bottom for a second time. That would be... terrible. A little bit later Dillion came in and told us that Robert was here. So we all stand up and went to the living room onto the couch.

    As ev…

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  • FinchelWemma

    Hey guys,

    so last weeks theme was very hard. I am so glad that I made it into this week. Also in the last week we all saw Roxys soft side. I hope she will continue with this side of her. I like it very much.

    So. Now let us go to this weeks theme. It was Sexuality. I wasn't amused as Robert said us this weeks theme. I felt lost. It was a theme a don't like. How the hell should I be sexy with a wheelchair? This is not working. That is almost impossible. Everyone in the room was happy about the theme of this week but I am not. But I am a fighter. I try my best. That is all I can do. Robert announces the song for the homework assignment and it was "Sexy And I Know It " by LMFAO. I like the song but I don't feel comfortable with it. Robert gave u…

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  • FinchelWemma

    Hey guys,

    I am back. I hope you are all still living outside because of the long wait until the next episode. Had everybody of you a great time? I am still shocked because of last week where two of the group were sent home. It is still something that is hanging over our heads. But new week, new chances, right? So I told me that I will give my best for the whole other weeks that are coming. I will get stronger the next week and not lower. I will fight for it.

    So this weeks theme was Vulnerability. A theme which I was excited about but also a little bit scared. And the song for the homework assignment is "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol. I like that song but I don't know if I will get it. But I will try and give my best. As every week Robert gave…

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  • FinchelWemma

    Hey guys,

    I hope you are all fine out there. So... This weeks theme was Tenacity and I was really excited while Robert was telling us the theme. I was so happy about that. Deep in my thoughts I thought I will rock this week easily.

    Our homework assignment was "So What" by Pink. That is a really great song and I like Pink very, very much. So that must have been my week. Robert gave us the lyrics and went. At the beginning Audri told us her idea for the song. She said that we all should sing the beginning of the song together. The idea was perfect and I was really happy as Dillion excepted the idea for all of us. But in my opinion I think he had feelings for Audri.

    But suddenly Mikaela began to say that she wants the first line. And that line w…

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  • Amhs

    Hey guys! You know I`m back a fter a long hiatus, and I just finished episode 5, adaptability! Episode 6 will be Pairability. But I decide to change things for Episode 7, you guys get to decide the theme! These are the possible options:

    • Believability
    • Generosity
    • Theatricality
    • Rival-Ability

    So, leave your choice in the comments please! The one that has the most number of votes will be the theme.

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  • Amhs

    Hey everyone!

    May 2, 2013 by Amhs

    Hi! I know it`s been so long! I was having some VERY VERY important exams on Febraury, and after that I started school again and had no time to continue this. But now, I`m ready to come back! I really don`t know if people continue coming here. If you do read this, please comment! And try to spread the word please!

    Anyway, glad to be back! I`ll write adaptabality this saturday, and after that i`ll write every episode left on saturdays :D

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  • MalcolmFox

    Simon's Sexuality Blog

    January 28, 2013 by MalcolmFox

    Hey Everyone! Simon here:D

    When I heard that this week’s theme was “sexuality”, I was excited. I have to admit, the themes of the week are beginning to appeal to me more and more. At the beginning I was a little lost with individuality,... It took my system a long time to wake up and smell the coffee. I was so pigeon-holed into a certain type of performing that it was a shock to my system to realize that TV was totally different. Sexuality excited me, because I am totally comfortable with my sexuality, and I could not wait to show that in my performances throughout the week. I had a blast this week, and after Vulnerability I felt like I was gaining momentum in the competition for the first time.

    The homework assignment was CRAZY!!I mean, "Se…

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  • SamcedesandKlaineForever

    What's up! Dillion in the house! xD

    (sighs)Hard week, man. This week required everyone to get vulnerable. It was like sad seeing everyone tell about their rocked past. I felt bad for them. I mean compared what happened to some of them my life doesn't compare. 

    I don't think this was my best week. I mean I'm not sad about my past. I mean I don't want to go in my room and cry about it, ya know? *rubs head* I mean I think I'm more angry about it. I mean I just felt like my father should have stepped up for me and my brothers. He should have taught us how to act. I mean yeah I knew right from wrong. But you know I was just a kid without a mother and a father who didn't really care. And I had these two older brothers who heavily influenced me *sh…

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  • ClevanOTP

    Hey, everyone, Trae here. As of now, Grant is absent for the rest of the week. He is currently on vacation right now and he will come back between January 21 to January 22. So, if you guys need anything, please let me know. He has put me in charge of keeping this wiki on track while he is gone. Also, for Nemo and Thomas, The Project Glee X-Factor games are put on hold when he comes back, as well as Sexuality. :)

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  • MalcolmFox

    Hey Everyone! Simon here:D

    When we found out it was Vulnerability week I think we were all immediately intimidated. We knew it was going to be a very emotional/intense week and that a lot would be needed from within ourselves. It was such a huge blow to everyones confidence with the double elimination last week. No one saw it coming and it just goes to show that anything can happen in this competition.

    Chasing Cars was the homework assignment for this week. I was thrilled when we were told this. I've always been a huge fan of this song. I could sit in my car, put it on repeat and listen to it for a good while before I ever got sick of it. It's just one of those songs that can really connect to people. Everything went well when we were pickin…

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  • ClevanOTP

    Roxi's Vulnerability Blog

    January 13, 2013 by ClevanOTP

    Yes, it is I, Roxi, once again, my amazing, sweet, and awesome RoxiRockers! This week has been one of the most emotional weeks I've had so far, but also the most improving. I'm really happy. :3 Instead of fighting over parts for the Homework Assignment, I decided to give mines to Dillion. Everyone was like..... "whaaaaaa?"

    Take that, guys. I have my sweet side, don't get me wrong.

    So, for the Homework Assignment, we performed Chasing Cars, which is honestly one of my favorite songs, and I had gotten once again good feedback, but I didn't win, which was okay. Hermoine did deserve it though. I went into the studio to perform vocals for Skyscraper, and I had impressed Nikki, and then I did awesome on the videoshoot, and you guys know what that …

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  • ClevanOTP

    A Wish Granted

    January 12, 2013 by ClevanOTP

    For months, I've tried searching for the one that can love me, the one that I can love back in return. However, many relationships I've been in never lasted for long, a boyfriend that abandoned me, a boyfriend that lied about himself, and  a girlfriend that wanted to be just friends. I know that I'm young at heart, and I still have my whole future ahead, but I can't even think that way, especially ever since I met Grant. 

    If it wasn't for that Project Glee link on the Glee Wiki chat, I would have never forced myself to audition for something so interesting. I was too shy to talk to him, I never knew who he was, never interacted with him yet. I always feared if he was mean. But he was just right, a friendly guy with a kind heart. 

    His first w…

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  • Amhs

    Hey guys! Sorry I haven´t been here, I was going through personal issues, but now everything´s okay and I´m back! 

    Here are the dates for the following episodes:

    Vulneability: January 12

    Sexuality: January 21

    Adaptability: January 28

    And then we´ll see how the rest goes!

    See ya!

    P.S; i also came up with an idea of project glee x factor! Yeah, it´ll be project glee´s contestants competing on the x factor, and you guys will be the judges! More info coming soon

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  • NHoran

    Hermione's Tenacity Blog

    December 17, 2012 by NHoran

    Hi Horanatics :)

    Well this week is Tenacity and my only intention is to make a great impression . But it doesn't go well as I expected ,  I can't be tenacious instead I became vulnereable remembering my father and sister's deaths. Well , Tenacity is about being ferocious and never giving up in times of problems or whatsoever but all I know is I didn't gave them all of this .

    I'm so glad that So What is our Homework Assignment because its lyrics really define Tenacity . While choosing our lines , Roxi and Mikaela had a catfight for who will take the line number one. They grab each others hair and I'm just " Seriously , for a line you will start a fight ? " . They are like Cat and Dog seriously . Thanks God i have the sweetest friends in the h…

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  • MalcolmFox

    Simon's Tenacity Blog

    December 17, 2012 by MalcolmFox

    Hey Everyone! Simon here:D

    When I found out that the theme for the week was Tenacity, I was determined to show Ryan and the mentors that I could be tenacious in every aspect of my performance. I feel like tenacity is an easy one to pinpoint, since all you have to do is never give up. But I knew that this week would push me to my limits in seeing how far I was willing to go to succeed. Especially after what happened last week. I really needed to show  Ryan and the mentors how I can take their feedback and use it to become even better. In the words of the Great Kelly Clarkson "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!"

    I was so excited when I found out that our homework assignment was "So What" by Pink. The song really just emphasizes Tenacity…

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  • ClevanOTP

    Roxi's Tenacity Blog

    December 17, 2012 by ClevanOTP

    Hey RoxiRockers. This week has been total hell, well for me it has. I finally gave that bitch Mikaela a piece of my mind. I just can't take her anymore, I can't. If she says one more word to me, I swear I'll go Hurricane Roxi. So, Joy Lexington mentored this week, and she gave me good feedback, which I felt really good about, but I didn't win the assignment. Marina did. I mean, she's good, though. As long as it's not Mikaela, I'm cool.

    So, we performed "Livin' On A Prayer", at first I was like I KNOW THAT'S RIGHT. THAT IS MY JAM! But then finding out we would be slushied and sh*t, I was like oh hell no, I ain't doing this. But I did it anyway, and it was pretty fun, but it was pretty cool. Trueeeee.

    So, the reveal of the bottom three. Eh, I …

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  • SamcedesandKlaineForever

    What's up! Dillion in the house! xD

    Man, can you believe I'm here? Me? The bad boy. The one all the teachers said was headed on the pathway to trouble. I'm here on Project:Glee to make a name for myself. 

    Living with all these contenders is different. Back at my condo I can just kick my feet back and do whatever I want. Now it's not just me. It's me and about 15 other people. Not what I'm used to. But I'm not gonna let it affect me. I mean I can deal with it. It's all about the game. Ya know?

    The people in the house, how would I describe them? Most of them are cool and laid back. Seem like they'd be cool to hang with. Well except for these two chicks that argued about a line in a song. I don't like people that argue over stupid arguments. I m…

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  • SamcedesandKlaineForever

    Hey Team Audri! My Audri-lites. Cute name, huh? :)(:

    I am blown away right now. I mean it's all a lot to soak in. I mean I'm on Project:Glee. I'm getting the chance of a lifetime.

    And I can't believe I have a fans. This is like one of the best feelings in the world. Knowing that I have fans out there that support me. Not something I'm used to. I love it though. 

    It's definitely something different being in the house. You're with all these new people. I'm used to just me and my daughter. Now I'm in a whole new environment.  I mean we're all so different. I mean it's like college but not the same. But I think it's going to be nice seeing how a group of different individuals blend in the house togeher. Hopefully it will be good and fun. 

    Well, ma…

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  • FinchelWemma

    Hey guys.

    What should I say? I made it. I finally made it to "Project: Glee". My biggest dream is true.  It is so incredible. Last season I wished that I will be a contender on the next season and now I am really here ready to fight for my goal. I sit in a wheelchair... I know it but... Why shouldn't I try it? Just because sitting in a wheelchair doesn't mean that your life is over. It can also start again and you can try to make everything better. And I also can walk for 5 to 6 hours a day. Which I am really glad about it because of the cheography we have.

    Now to the first week. The first theme was "Individuality". Something I can really show since I am in a wheelchair. But the song. It wasn't so mine. The song for the Homework Assignment w…

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  • Nm9309

    Eliza's Individuality Blog

    December 14, 2012 by Nm9309

    Hey everyone I'm Eliza Reid and I can't even begin to express how excited I am to be in the Glee Project. Unfortunately, my brother Taylor didn't make the final 16 but I know I have his full support. I was excited to meet everyone and most of the other contenders seem like really nice people, but it is only the first week so I expect a few people to reveal their true colors in the later weeks.

    Our first homework assignment was Grace Kelly by Mika.In my opinion, that it a diffucult song to perform,especially in week one. I don't mean that it was hard for me, but hard for most of the other contenders. I didn't win, but I didn't gat negative comments so it's a good start!

    I was sooo happy that the music video was Express Yourself, it's one of m…

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  • MalcolmFox

    Simon's Individuality Blog

    December 14, 2012 by MalcolmFox

    Hey Everyone! Simon here :D

    I'm so excited to be in the Glee Project season 2. I loved it last season!

    Living with all the competitors is certainly interesting. I am so used to having time to myself. I need it! It keeps me ticking. So not having that is tough, and living with people I have just met is very difficult for me. Some are definitely easier to live with than others, but in general it's a lot of fun. I have a really strong bond with Hermione. We met during the auditions and have just grown really close over the process. She's really easy to open up to and is just a great friend. Any gossip that happens, I sit back and watch. I don't get involved with that. I have better things to do... like lay on top of my bed!!!!!!!!!!

    So, I'm not …

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  • BrandonLane

    Hi my Cassinators! So this weeks theme was Individuality. Wow, I just can't believe that I'm here. I can remember watching this last season, rooting for people, and now it's me who people are rooting for! We all finally met eachother, it was interesting. I'm not to fond of Roxi, she's really rude, and I won't put up with her nonsense. We found out our first home work assignment song, it was Grace Kelly. It's such a fantastic song for this theme!

    In the choir room we all awaited our first special guest. It was Brandon Foster! I absolutley loved him last season! We performed for him, and he told me that I killed it! I was so happy to get positive feed back from someone I was such a fan of. Sadly I didn't win. It was still nice to meet him. We …

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  • ClevanOTP

    Roxi's Individuality Blog

    December 9, 2012 by ClevanOTP

    What's up, my RoxiRockers! 

    Hmm, week one, week one. Tsk tsk tsk.  This week was all about Individuality. Pretty much SOMETHING I thought I showed a lot. But, I guess I was wrong. So, me and that Mikaela chick got into a fight about a line, I didn't get it, yeah. I was mad as hell, what do you think? I don't like her, she may be pretty, but she'll never get up to my level. EVER. She won the homework assignment for nothing when it could have been me. Ain't that a bitch? >.>

    We perform "Grace Kelly" for our homework assignment, and out of all of that, Brandon says that my performance was "kinda forced". Kinda forced? What the hell do you know, you Justin Bieber looking motherf--. Mmm. Let me keep my cool, I'm not gonna let him get to me. That …

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  • NHoran

    Hi Hermione fans out there :):):)

    Its been a great week for me but not for the others . This week we have INDIVIDUALITY and it was awesome . We sang Grace Kelly infront of BRANDON FOSTER . I'm not a fan of BRANDON so i think he noticed it and didn't give me a feedback ( laughs ) . So Mikaela won this week and she was amazing , she really stand out of all of us . Our Mv this week is Express yourself which fits in our theme this week . I think I felt amazing this week so I'm hoping a higher call-back but when it is the revealing of Bottom 3 , I'm 8th on the call-back list and I don't want it to happen on the next week . Jayden , Elevate and Simon was in the bottom 3 and I was scared for Simon because I feel something special with him and I don't want lose it li…

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  • Headaches


    Hey, Mikaelettes! Hopefully, you've just seen Individuality and you'll know that I won the homework assignment! WOOOO! Grace Kelly by Mika was obviously my tpe of song and I completely killed it. Although, I did have some minor difficulties with that Roxi chick. I don't know, what's wrong with her? Ugh.

    And OMG, Brandon called me stunning. For a lesbian, it was probably the only time I'd appreciate that comment from a member of the opposite sex. Now onto the music video, I loved how I got one of the main parts in Express Yourself! I really had to push myself for the music video because, regrettably I had no exprerience in acting before it.

    I can't believe I was called back first, I wasn't sure where I stood as I hadn't known how …

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  • ClevanOTP

    Roxi: Hi, my name is Roxi, I'm 19 and I'm currently living in New York. 

    So, you're living in New York, is that where you were born?

    Roxi: Actually, no, I lived in New Orleans ever since. However, since Hurricane Katrina made its way there, I kind of witnessed a tragedy, which you'll likely get to know more about on the show. I moved to New York two years before auditioning for Project: Glee.

    When did you first started realizing that you wanted to be a singer?

    Roxi: When I was three. As a child, I would dress up as Mariah Carey or Gloria Estefan and started to sing. I also was in my school choir.

    What was your reaction when you found out that you made it to Project: Glee?

    Roxi: At first, I had the feeling that I wasn't going to make it to the sh…

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  • BrandonLane


    December 6, 2012 by BrandonLane

    Hey guys, I am going to try and make Cassidy a more active person. I will have more things going on for her, especially her dating life. Since she has rumours of her and Damian. So tune in for more once the show airs! ;)

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  • BrandonLane

    Hey Brandon fans, I know I'm late with this blog, but I never got to releasing it. So the theme was Act-ability! One of the MOST important parts of Glee. You have to be able to act, or you don't belong on Glee. So for me, this was going to be a piece of cake. I was trained in Theater! I had no fears of screwing up. So it was a really fun week, but it was the final five! This is the week where EVERYTHING goes.

    In the choir room we awaited our special guest. It was Jane Lynch! I absolutely love her! She is such a humorous character on Glee. We sang Thriller, where we had to be zombies. I got to be the theatrical one! Jane loved me, I portrayed a great theatrical zombie. In the end though, it was Emily to win. I won't lie, I was really bummed, …

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  • GiveMeLove

    Drew's Proposal To Ryan

    December 5, 2012 by GiveMeLove

    Drew walked with Ryan to the elevator of the Empire State Building. Drew and Ryan had been dating for 3 months now.

    Drew: I have a huge surprise for you.

    The elevator doors open. 

    Ryan: I wonder what it could be.

    Drew and Ryan laugh.

    As they arrive to the top of the Building, Ryan realizes that no one else is here.

    Ryan: Well, how did you pull this off?

    Drew: I have connections. 

    Drew and Ryan walk around the corner, where, to Ryan's surprise, there is a candle light dinner set up.

    Ryan: Wow!

    Drew and Ryan take a seat and start their meal as the sun sets over the horizon. 

    Drew: Ryan, we have been dating for 3 months straight now, with no problems. Even though we have had problems in the past, I love you and always will. I love your eyes, your smile,…

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  • SamcedesandKlaineForever

    So me and Grant (AMHS) were talking and we decided that just like last season there were going to be pairings of the contenders. You know like a relationship. But Grant thought it would only be fair if the users told or not whether you wanted your contender to be paired with someone. 

    So here's what you do in the comment section below you list who you want your contender to be with, you know if you want your contender to be paired with someone. But the thing is the other user has to agree to wanted his or her contender to be paired with you. 

    When a relationship has been confirmed by both users they'll be added to the list so that no one picks the same person twice. 

    If you have any questions come to Grant (AMHS) or me, Nemo. (SamcedesandKlai…

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  • ClevanOTP

    Hey guys, my name is Trae, I'm a user here, auditioned for new members Roxi Salgado-Hernandez and Lohan Ridger. I have confirmed with Amhs to make a new background for the second season of Project Glee! Although I am not an admin and I can't be able to put the background up right away, here is what I have:

    New logo:

    What do you guys think? YAY! or Neigh. 

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  • Amhs

    After Project: Glee

    November 27, 2012 by Amhs

    Hey guys :)

    Season 1 is over :( I gotta admit it was really hard for me writing the finale, I had been thinking about all this character the last 3 months, and they´re all great, and I had such a great time with them and you, it´s been a great expierence for me that I´ll never forget.

    Now that Season 1´s finished, I came up with this idea. I´ll post the names of every contender, and the creators of each one of them will tell me what happened to them after Project : Glee :)

    • Alexandria: She became a worldwide sensation after Project Glee. She sold 3 million copies of her album worldwide, and is now going to have her own concert with special guests, like co-contenders, One Direction, Cher Lloyd, Bieber and others.
    • Andi
    • Brandon: Brandon has sold hi…
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  • SamcedesandKlaineForever

    This will be a little bit different, because this time I'm gonna have Taylen be the narrator.

    The episode is Glee-Alitiy. Taylen had just won and she was packing her stuff to go home.

    I was packing my stuff ready to go home. I couldn't believe I had won. I mean I always had plans on winning. I had the determination and the drive to do it. And I did it. I came here and won. I did what some people said I would do and some people said I would fall trying.

    Gray walked in my room smiling. I loved his smile. He was actually wearing a shirt. He looked good in those too. It was so different seeing him in person. It wasn't like skype or talking on the phone. I could actually define his features. He had dimples and dark brown eyes like wood.

    " You ready…

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  • Amhs

    Season 2 auditions!

    November 25, 2012 by Amhs

    Hey guys! After a great season 1 i´m doing a season 2! I want all of you guys to audition! You can audition a boy and a girl!

    I can´t wait to see your new characters!

    Audition form:







    Theme he/she is strong at:

    Week he/she is weak at:



    Celebrity portrayer:

    Why he/ she could win the fanfic:

    Last Chance Performance Song:

    Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    CALLED BACK(no particular order):

    ·         Reid Shepard

    ·         Dillion Colton Summer

    ·         Cameron Flynn

    ·         Chace Hutchinson

    ·         Lohan Ridger

    ·         Jayden Wix

    ·         Elevate Choi

    ·         Simon Harris

    ·         Marina Bell

    ·         Roxi-Sa…

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  • SamcedesandKlaineForever

    This is the Graylen skype conversation Behind-The-Scenes. The episode is Acatbility. Enjoy

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  • SamcedesandKlaineForever

    What's up Team Taylen! *blows kiss* We're here for another week. Victory smells so good after all the bull I had to go through.

    So after Lyla left everyone was being so depressed. Bringing down my mood. Oh I miss Lyla. I miss Lyla. I mean like shut up! They acted like they were related. I thought that saying I missed her too would shut them up. I thought that they were gonna keep moping but then Ryan came in. He saved the day for me!

    Wow, never thought I'd say that. But, I like the new Ryan. He's bitchier, more confident, he's like the boy version of me. I mean it looks good on him. I could get used to this.

    So Blake, who I thought was totally cute at first, decided to pick Bigfoot Andi as the winner. I mean was I surprised yes! I mean he got…

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  • SamcedesandKlaineForever

    This is the Behind-The-Scenes for the episode Romanticality. Graylen Phone Call

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  • SamcedesandKlaineForever

    This is the Behind-The-Scenes for the episode Theatricality.

    Taylen was on her bed on her laptop. She was doing something on Twitter when her skype box popped up. Taylen had a message from someone requesting a skype. Taylen bit her lip. She shrugged her shoulders and clicked on the box.

    It was Gray.

    Taylen(surprised):Gray! I mean what are you doing here!

    Gray:I wanted to talk to you.

    Taylen(bites her lip):Why?

    Gray:I kinda thought we had some stuff to discuss.

    Taylen(nervous):I don't think so. I mean I'm fine you're fine. We're all good.



    Gray:Stop stalling. You're really bad at it.

    Taylen(sighs):I'm not stalling.

    Gray:I think you are. Look it's okay. There's nothing wrong with admitting to falling for someone.

    Taylen:Falling? W…

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  • SamcedesandKlaineForever

    Team Taylen's what's up!!!!!!! Another week in the house! I have survived and conquered!! But all of you already knew I would. I mean I'm Taylen Renee Parker! What would I look like if I lost? Losing is for well.................losers.

    First let's get to the Ryan/Brandon/Drew drama. I am honestly surprised that Ryan had the gut to break up with Drew. I mean he had the gut to realize that this was a compettion not a love show. But I mean Drew was leaving anyway, I'm pretty sure that they could have possibly stayed together. But maybe not considering that Ryan focused more on loving Drew than on the compettion. I mean it wasn't healthy. But maybe now he can get his head in the game like he should.

    When Brandon and Ryan got to fighting, I was h…

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  • SamcedesandKlaineForever

    Team Taylen!!! We won this week!!!!!! Yeah you're looking at a winner. *blows kiss*

    But really I mean I kinda knew it. Like it was Naya Rivera! She knows sexiness and talent. And I was both. To be honest I really knew I was gonna win. Like there was no way Naya was gonna pick some else besides me. No one is as flawless as I am. I am like perfection in the most beautiful form.

    But I want to take the time to thank all the fans. I couldn't be here without all of you. I mean I know I'm amazing but you guys are amazing too. For loving me and always supporting. For being divas like me. You guys love it when I light up the stage every week. And I'm gonna keep doing it!

    Why did I choose Andi. Hmmmmm, I guess because I wanted to make her look bad. I m…

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  • BrandonLane

    Hey my Brandon fans! So this week was Romanticality, one of the most romantic theme's around. I think this was a really tough week, it was the final six. Really at this point anything goes, you could be in the bottom from just one mistake. The week started out like usual, we got our lines and did choreography. We decided to do all LGBT relationships. I think at this point we were all at our breaking point. It was really easy to tick us off, I mean we were only two episodes until the finale!

    In the choir room our special guest came in, it was none other than Blake Jenner! The winner of last season and this theme! He's much cuter in person. We performed our song, which was Teenage Dream by Katy Perry! Sadly, Blake found Ryan and I's performance …

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  • Amhs

    Fan Favourite

    November 4, 2012 by Amhs

    Hey guys!

    So, I decided to create a fan favourite! Yeah, just like on The Glee Project! The Fan Favourite winner will have an award on it´s page, and I´m thinking on something else!

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  • SamcedesandKlaineForever

    This is the behind-the-scenes Graylen phone call. The episode is Rival-ability.

    Taylen is shown sitting on her bed brushing her hair when her phone rings. Taylen smiles and opens it.


    Gray(on the phone):Taylen, it's Gray.

    Taylen:Of course it's you.

    Gray(laughs):Congrats on winning this week! You were really great.

    Taylen:Thank you. You know I'm always doing my best.

    Gray:It paid off this week.

    Taylen:Yeah it did.

    Gray:Hey, cheer up. Things like this don't happen everyday.

    Taylen:I am happy.

    Gray:You don't sound like it. Does this have to do with Andi? Or someone in the compettion?

    Taylen:No, I can handle all those irrevelant idiots.

    Gray:Then what is it?

    Taylen:I told you I was fine.

    Gray:But you're really not.

    Taylen:Yes I am.


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  • BrandonLane

    Hey y'all Brandon fans! I know it has been such a long hiatus, but we're back with such a nail biting episode. As most fans know the episode is called Rival-ability, basically the theme is something really important to Glee! This was a really interesting week, and yes there was some drama between Ryan, Drew, and I.

    We all sat in the choir room waiting for our special guest to arrive, and not to much of a surprise it was Naya Rivera! She is one of my biggest role models on Glee! She like Chris are the gay characters on the show and they play it so well! Naya couldn't have came for a better week, I mean Santana is always making rivalries with people on the show, so she was perfect for this theme. We sang and Naya could see my talent, and she a…

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  • GiveMeLove

    My Apology

    October 14, 2012 by GiveMeLove

    Hello there guys! My name is Gage and I just wanted to make an apology to Amhs and to Theatregleek! Last night on the chat, I was very disrespectful and rude to bot ho f you. It was not the way I should have acted. I was terribly upset that Drew got eliminated and I let my hurt feelings get the best of me. I apologize for calling you guys bitches and sorry asses and I hope that you will welcome be back to the wiki and let Drew come back for the finale and let Drew and Ryan end up together! Any way, if you don't want me on, then I will leave! Please leave your answers below.....

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  • Theatregleek1995

    -Keep Holding On- Drew

    Drew: There's nothing you can say (Nothing you can say), nothing you can do (Nothing you can do) There's no other way when it comes to the truth (When it comes to the truth)



    Keep holding on (holding on)

    'Cause you know I'll make it through, I'll make it through

    The contenders start to make their way off the stage. Ryan and Drew stay behind.

    Ryan: I love you baby, I loved that performance, it breaks my heart to see you sing that...

    Drew: Shut up.

    Ryan:.... what? *Ryan looks confused*

    Drew: Just shut up Ryan. Don't give me that sweet bullshit you do to everyone else. You're glad I'm leaving.

    Ryan: What? Drew... I...

    Drew: Stop. Let's be honest. You used me.

    Ryan: What?

    Drew: You used me, for screen time. You knew if we wer…

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  • Theatregleek1995

    Hey Team Ryan!

    I know this is a bit late, but I figured I'd post this anyway! This week was Performability week! One of my specialities of course! I treat my life as a performance.

    The week was all about coordinating our performances and making sure we had emotion while lip-synching and dancing straight to camera.

    Heather Morris was our guest mentor. I adore her. She is one of the most talented dancers I have ever seen. And she's so fun and outgoing. She's definitely a bit different from her character, Brittany, on Glee. She told me I definitely have the qualities necessary to be a performer because I back up my talent with confidence and energy. I'm glad she sees what I see in myself.

    Our song for the week was Paradise by the Dashboard Light,…

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  • Gleekgirljerks


    October 13, 2012 by Gleekgirljerks

    Hello my loves

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