Good Day everyone :):):):)

I'm on Top 9 baby , woohooo :):):) .

So this week is all about singing in duets cause its pairability. For me , Pairability is about connecting with your partner and having coordination when you are both performing in the stage.

So Mr. Roberto ( laughs ) , entered our room to tell us the theme and our homework assignment , No Air by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown . That song is very catchy and I love it to the bones . So my bestie is now taking the lead teaching us what we gonna do on our homework assignment. The next day is performing time for our special guest which is Darren Criss . He is so cute , I really admire him . I only have a question , is he straight ??? I don't know ( laughs ) . I think i nailed the song and i am happy that my bestie Lyla is my partner and she also won the assignment which she really deserved .

Lyla chose me to be her partner on our music video which is River Deep , Mountain High by Ike and Tina Turner . I heard it before but i don't know it . Glad that Lyla helped me with the song .

Me and Lyla impressed Nicki and Zach . They said that we did great . On our video , we should sing the song on stage wearing a red dress and we should dance a lot . I am very comfortable doing that on the stage , i feel like i'am the queen of the world ( ahah ) .

So this week , i was called 2nd on the callback list which is a great improvement . The bottom 3 this week is not very predictable as i expected . This week they will be performing duets for Ryan . I think the duet with the best performance is Andi and Connor but in the end it was Connor who was not calledback for next week which is PErformability. I am really sad for Andi and also Joy because their crush/love is gone now .

Next week is performability , it sounded great right ???

~ Alexandria ~